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“I want to commend Hotwire on the great service and job your people are delivering here at the Gables Marquis Condominiums. From the Account Manager to Service Techs, Hotwire has demonstrated excellent responsibility for the quality of services at our property.” JOSE QUINTANA

PROPERTY MANAGER, Gables Marquis Condominiums

“Your onsite team is doing a fantastic job. All of the 16+ techs are working together in perfect synchronization, doing a great professional installation job in all of the units and most of all act extremely professional around my residents and staff. “ STEVEN ZAMORA

MANAGER, Beach Club of Hallandale

“I have been especially impressed with the continued help and support from our Hotwire team following completion of the project. It’s been a full eight months since Hotwire “left the building”, but our team leaders have consistently reached out to us to assure our satisfaction.” CATHY ALLEN

GENERAL MANAGER, Broken Sound Master Association

“I would recommend Hotwire and your dedicated team members to any community looking for a system to carry them into the future. I look forward to working with you again very soon and wish you nothing but success with your company.” MICHAEL MORGAN


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