“I want to commend Hotwire on the great service and job your people are delivering here at the Gables Marquis Condominiums. From the Account Manager to Service Techs, Hotwire has demonstrated excellent responsibility for the quality of services at our property.” JOSE QUINTANA

PROPERTY MANAGER, Gables Marquis Condominiums

“Your onsite team is doing a fantastic job. All of the 16+ techs are working together in perfect synchronization, doing a great professional installation job in all of the units and most of all act extremely professional around my residents and staff. “ STEVEN ZAMORA

MANAGER, Beach Club of Hallandale

“I have been especially impressed with the continued help and support from our Hotwire team following completion of the project. It’s been a full eight months since Hotwire “left the building”, but our team leaders have consistently reached out to us to assure our satisfaction.” CATHY ALLEN

GENERAL MANAGER, Broken Sound Master Association

“Huge kudos to Michael for getting our Wi-Fi up and running. My wife is a nurse and depends on our service a great deal. Michael made a very timely call today after it was determined that our service could not be restored remotely. He was extremely thorough in his efforts and everything is working great again.
Thanks for a job well done!”
Bernice & Dan

Resident, Buttomwood West

” Yesterday I had an additional box installed. Our schedule is very hectic, and we had to be present. My compliments to your handling of this installation. Special thanks to the installer, Rohan Spaulding, who went out of his way to accommodate our schedule, and did an amazing job in installing the box considering some of the challenges in our home. He was very very good and extremely professional. Chuck

Resident, West Palm Beach

” We appreciate the service call today in our home. We cannot thank all of you enough. Derek Wright came to our home this afternoon made quite a few corrections. He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He was also anxious to answer our questions about our service which will DEFINITELY help us so much on a day to day basis. This is extremely helpful.
Our television viewing is much more user-friendly this evening.
Barbara S

Resident, Boca West Country Club

Just wanted to send a very satisfactory review for Maureldy Perdomo today. He did a wonderful job adding equipment and fixing a fax line problem I’ve been experiencing for a while now. He also checked the health of our internet system and was able to spend time right away to answer several questions I had.

I am very happy with his time, knowledge and service today….he did outstanding work for us. Thank you so much Maureldy!!”

  Ryan R

Resident, Santurnia Lakes

“Thank you Hotwire….we are thrilled!
Came home from summer vacation today, to find that our TVs, phones, and internet, were not working.
Called your office at 4 pm (on a Saturday), and was promised that a technician would be to us within 2 hours.
Derek arrived and the rest is history! Not only was he personable, and knowledgeable…he also promised he would not leave until everything was working perfectly.
And that is exactly what happened.
And all with a smile!
We are so impressed. Please extend another Thank You to Derek….and congratulations to you, for having such a terrific employee.
Susan & Ken

Resident, Four Seasons Parkland

I just wanted to share with you how invaluable your technician Claudio has been to me. I have Macular Degeneration and therefore have a very difficult time with anything mechanical. Claudio is always responsive with a smile, even after hours. I am writing today because my daughter is here and can type for me. I wanted to see photos of my family from her computer on my large screen and he once again helped me immediately with such a warm and generous attitude. He is very special and I am very appreciative.

Sincerely,” Miriam M

Resident, Sinai Residences

“We recently had our cable changed to Hotwire from Comcast. It was quite an ordeal because there was so much wiring to be done and televisions so far from the source. Very frustrating and time-consuming with days of having technicians who had limited and poor results. Then Ernesto came by. He is amazing! Even though we had been told we could no longer have reception on all our televisions (including the one we watch most frequently), he figured out a way. He was determined to make everything right and was not about to give up. Not only did he have determination and great technical expertise, he was unfailingly cheerful and friendly. It was a pleasure to have him in our home. Ernesto is a great ambassador for Hotwire.Susan N

Resident, Quail Creek Village

“I would recommend Hotwire and your dedicated team members to any community looking for a system to carry them into the future. I look forward to working with you again very soon and wish you nothing but success with your company.” MICHAEL MORGAN


“Too often, too many people write too many letters complaining about too many incidental issues. I, in turn, prefer to write letters telling how my interaction with your people came out a real winner. Arriving in Boca for the first time this season; I attempted to test Hotwire and my TVs. They (all of them) did not function. I placed a call to Hotwire and I was connected to Samuel Smalls –  a most pleasant sounding person who seemed to know how to talk to a dissatisfied subscriber. He walked me thru everything and my TVs are operating properly. The best part is the way he handled the situation. I have one set that does not have a box and he set up an appointment for a service tech to come to my home. On a scale of 1 to 10, he was at least a 13.
This morning the doorbell chimed and a Hotwire tech was at the door. I explained the problem and with patience and knowledge, he explained the situation. He, as was Samuel, was courteous, helpful and most willing – his name is Derek Wright.
Thank you for two outstanding people from Hotwire.” Alan M

Resident, Boca West

“I hope that you know what an outstanding technician you have in Derek Wright. He has been in my home on two occasions for help with my Hotwire installation. Each time he has really impressed me with his knowledge and unusual ability to explain to my wife and I how to use your new service.

He has taught us how to use our computers and TV more effectively and efficiently. He is patient, is a good listener, answers any questions clearly, does not rush you so he can run off to his next job, makes absolutely sure that you understand his explanations before moving on to another question or issue, and is thorough. And, by the way, he is also most courteous and has a disarming demeanor.

Derek is everything that an employer would want in someone representing a company in the field. You would be well advised to consider him whenever you see a need to apply high-level technical and interpersonal skills.

Cordially,” Dr. Saxton

Resident, Boca West

“We recently had a home call for problems with our cable service. We wanted to express our extreme satisfaction with the Hotwire technician that came to our home Rohan Spaulding. He came prepared with all equipment needed and was able to correct the streaming problem we were having in our home. He showed knowledge of product and equipment put us at ease with his professionalism and patience explaining what was going on and how he could correct the flow of signal from box to box. Rohan will excel in any position he aspires too because of his desire to do any job complete and correct.

Sincerely” Dr. Turetsky

Resident, Miami Beach

“Rohan Spaulding arrived at my home and was friendly and very enthusiastic. He acted like my cable problem was very important and he was going to get it fixed. He was presented with several challenges to get to the finish line. He persevered and got all our televisions back to working order as well as the phone. My husband had a big smile on his face when he said good-bye to Rohan because he would be able to watch the Yankee game tonight!

Sincerely” Sally & Robert K

Resident, Woodfield Country Club

“I am writing this letter regarding Adam Lender, one of your Hotwire employees. He is one of the most impressive young men I have ever encountered, not only because he is so very knowledgeable about your products and how to navigate through all issues presented to him, but also because of his wonderful and caring personality. His display of patience, especially to me, as a senior citizen in need of much technical training, is beyond perfect. He made me feel that I was indeed, capable of learning how to deal with my television and accompanying products and programs.

I was introduced to Mr. Lender through a neighbor who works for your company. I had a technical issue and needed assistance. My neighbor connected me to Mr. Lender who went out of his way to solve my complicated technical issues.

And, most recently, I again had to contact Mr. Lender to assist me with my inability to tune into Netflix and Amazon. Since he was unable to help me in person, he suggested that we navigate through this issue using FaceTime. And it worked!

I cannot give enough accolades to Mr. Lender. He is a great asset to your company and I am certain that he will go far in his career. Such a hardworking, knowledgeable and personable gentleman is hard to come by. Thank you for hiring him.” Helene K

Resident, Valencia Shores

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