A Truly Connected Community   

More and more often, homeowners and renters are asking for WiFi to be available throughout the community, to stay in touch with family and friends, add variety to the new work-from-home lifestyle, and connect to smart home devices.  

Common area WiFi networks have become critical to delivering an exceptional lifestyle experience for residents. Whether your community is a collection of single-family homes, or a downtown, luxury apartment, offering community WiFi as an amenity can provide benefits for both the residents and the property.  

Attract New Renters and Homeowners 

Rental properties are often large, cement structures that limit cellular receptions, making it frustrating for residents to make and receive calls in their homes. Since most cellular devices are capable of utilizing WiFi for calls, a WiFi connection throughout the building would give residents the convenience of making and taking calls without worrying about a poor connection.  

With many workers swapping the corporate office for their home office, a community-wide WiFi infrastructure also speaks to the new work-from-home culture, and provides more flexibility for where work can be conducted.  

What’s more, the smart home device industry is flourishing. More and more families are using smart devices to turn on and off lights, lock the front door, and monitor the safety of their fur babies when they’re away. Community WiFi would make it easier for residents to utilizes these devices that bring a virtual helping hand to their daily routines.  

Retain Valued Residents 

Once residents experience the ease and convenience of accessing community WiFi, it will be more difficult for them to no longer have such a valuable service. Researching the trends in rental properties, you’ll find that community amenities, like WiFi, are in high-demand. Making these services readily available, provides the convenience residents want but also commands premium rental fees to offset the investment from the property.  

Properties that don’t offer such amenities can’t compete with the influx of new, amenity-rich properties. And though rent rates might be higher at these newer properties, the trends show that renters are willing to pay for the concierge-level services and convenience they afford.   

Enhance Your Community  

And while community-wide WiFi makes a huge impact on residents, it offers a great value to those who manage the property, as well.  

  • Gain insight into how amenities are used, share promotional offers with residents, and even incorporate direct advertising from local businesses that are customized for your residents.  
  • Keep your building and common spaces up-to-date and operating well by monitoring how and when maintenance is being performed. Consider incorporating a ticketing system and automation process to address residents’ concerns more effectively.  
  • Provide prospective residents with a virtual tour of your community, and give instant access for them to view model apartments or homes, as well as any features such as pool areas, playgrounds, parking facilities, and more.  

Community-wide WiFi lets your residents stay connected whether indoors or out, by providing with bandwidth that’s capable of surfing, scanning, streaming, and more. Make your community stand out by providing your residents with the most advanced technology to keep them connected.