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Designing advertising solutions to create the ultimate effective frequency to reach highly desirable, engaged, and affluent audiences through the use of our Fision Technology.

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We deliver a multi-platform performance strategy for our clients looking to reach an affluent audience with high disposable income. With the latest use of our fiber-based technology, we’re giving brands access to reach Florida’s most coveted residents living in our high-end ultra-luxury properties, through our first-party data access, regardless of how they consume content.

WHO We connect 

Meet your new Tech Savvy Super-Spender consumer, living in Hotwire’s high-end ultra-luxury properties. Reach Gen X and Boomers who surround themselves in tech luxury; with a high concentration of telecommuters and home-based businesses. We’re giving you access to affluent consumers with a diversified investment portfolio, with low credit use and a high disposable income.

Engaged Consumer
Smart TV Ad Solutions

3-5 TV Sets

Mobile Devices Ad Solutions

3+ Mobile & Tablet

Hours of TV Consumed Daily

Display Devices

Hours of Digital Media Consumed Daily

WHERE We connect 

We’re giving brands and businesses the opportunity to reach the ideal affluent consumer located in some of Florida’s wealthiest counties that are home to luxury golf courses, yacht-filled marinas and beautiful beaches. Spanning across Miami-Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, and Ft. Myers-Naples, South Florida is one of the most popular destinations to relocate to, bringing record numbers of domestic and business migration from all over the nation to the Sunshine State – to find a new home within South Florida’s TechGateway and along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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Be the brand consumers recognize, research and trust by connecting your brand with our audience regardless of how they consume content within their home, creating the ultimate effective frequency.  Hyper-target your message across cable video and extend it onto every digital display device within their home, removing waste and focusing on hyperlocal messaging as you engage with our audience.


Deliver your ads across multiple channels and devices to our premium audience.

First Party Data

First-Party Data

Have the confidence of knowing who you’re reaching by utilizing our first-party audience.

Hyperconnected Consumers

Hyperconnected Consumer

Create effective frequency by exposing your brand to our audience on multiple devices within their Fision Home 

Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging

Enhance ROI by Geo-targeting your message with 100% penetration of our communities, so you can make the most out of your advertising budget.



Whether you’re moving into digital marketing for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro who knows all about the latest innovations in advertising, check out our industry buzz room for the hottest trends and how technology is helping businesses bring their brand to the next level.

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Karla Thatcher

Karla Nelson-Thatcher

SVP of Marketing, Media, Public, & Government

Kelly Frye

Kelly Frye

Director, Multi-Media Advertising 

Chandler Stephens

Chandler Stephen

Multi-Media Support Specialist

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Georgette Evans

Ad Sales Account Executive

Alexander Delgado

Alexander Delgado

Video Production Supervisor

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