Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 25, 2019, As the Information Technology (IT) field continues to grow annually, more people than ever are looking to pursue or further a career in IT. Knowing the important role that proper education and training play in a successful IT career, Hotwire Communication is partnering with CareerSource Broward and Broward College to take part in the IT Apprenticeship Program.

This new initiative will allow eligible employees to apply to a maximum 60-week program divided over six 10-week semesters, during which time participants will be educated and trained in various IT subject areas. Each semester will involve two weeks of in-class education received at Broward College, followed by eight weeks of hands-on training with Hotwire Communications. In addition to certification testing, completion of each semester will reward participants with certifications in that subject area, with each successive certification resulting in a corresponding salary increase.

Semesters will cover IT subject areas ranging from A+ to Project+, allowing participants to gain invaluable technical and practical knowledge related to topics such as network services and project management, enabling them to pursue careers in professions such as Network Support Technicians and IT Technicians.

Not only will the education and training offered by the IT Apprenticeship Program result in more skilled and highly-qualified workers trained in-house by Hotwire’s own team, but this in turn will lead to higher employee retention rates, reduced turnover costs, and increased worker productivity, making the program a forward-thinking investment in both the employees and the company itself.

Additionally, since the semesters can be taken for academic credit, the program can also be used by employees as a pathway towards a college degree if they choose to pursue one of Broward College’s IT degree programs. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Program, the company will benefit from a more highly educated and engaged workforce, opening further opportunities for career advancement.

“As technology continues to rapidly evolve, we want to offer our employees every opportunity to grow and expand their practical and technical skills,” said Marina Konchak, Hotwire’s VP of Human Resources. “Every company should invest in its employees, who are its most valuable asset, and the IT Apprenticeship Program is a chance to do just that while providing them invaluable hands-on experience that just can’t be taught in a classroom.”

“This represents an excellent opportunity for employees to gain the tools they need to advance in a growing industry, where they can earn and learn and continue to move forward in their careers with the confidence that they have the skills and expertise needed to not just succeed, but excel.”