You don’t share your work space, why share your internet connection? Power your business with a fast, dedicated connection with Fision® Fiber from Hotwire Communications.  

Unlike most service providers, Hotwire Communications provides each business we serve with a dedicated, high-speed fiber-optic internet connection so you never have to share bandwidth again. Our business solutions from Fision Work are customized to fit the current needs of your business today, and are ready to handle the technology of tomorrow.  

Direct Connection to Your Business 

Our fiber-optic network is unique in the commercial market. We build, own, and operate our all-fiber network end-to-end, which allows us to provide a dedicated, scalable connection with a wide variety of bandwidth options and Gigabit capability. What’s more, our network provides industry-leading up-times and is monitored 24/7/365.  

What does this mean to business owners? A dedicated connection guarantees your business will have the speed and reliability it needs to keep you and your team performing at its best. Symmetrical speeds allow you and your team to stay connected to each other and your clients, share information instantly with increased file upload and download speeds, and the ability to simultaneously take video calls without worrying your connection will drop.  

Today’s Technology to Power Tomorrow  

Hotwire Communications offers more than just a high-speed internet connection. As your business grows, we’re ready to grow with you and provide additional services including: 

  • Voice: A full suite of feature-rich services, including Find Me Follow Me and Auto Attendant 
  • IPTV Video: IPTV services featuring 4K and HD quality picture 
  • Monitored Security: Including access control, cameras, and 24x7x365 monitoring 
  • Colocation Services: Housed in our Category 5 secure facility, designed to keep your data safe  

All of our business solutions are powered by the most advanced fiber-optic network, and include a dedicated team of service and customer care agents who are ready to provide 24/7 concierge-level support. Discover the difference that Hotwire Communications can bring to your business.