“Shop local.” That’s the motto we’ve heard time and again, and with the impact of the last year, it seems to be more prudent than ever before. Small and medium size businesses are reaching out for support, and they’re finding it within their local communities. Foot traffic and online shop with in store pickup is on the rise as businesses find ways to navigate an otherwise difficult time for all. And consumers are responding!

49% of consumers made a purchase specifically to support a local small business during the pandemic. Customers are hyper sensitive to the goals of a local business, and are willing to pay a little extra or wait a little longer for a product to arrive if it means supporting a member of their community.

There is no better time than ever before to advertise within your own community and bring your brand to their attention! Let Fision Multi-Media Solutions help you find the right audience in your market and bring that traffic into your storefront today!

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