As adverse climate conditions continue to rise, it’s important that we find ways to reduce energy emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change whenever possible. When it comes to protecting the environment, what makes fiber-optic technology a better option versus traditional copper cables? 

Delivering Green  

Fision® Fiber Optics from Hotwire Communications uses a Gigabit Passive Optical Network, more commonly referred to as GPON, to deliver high-speed internet and telecommunications services over our 100% fiber-optic network. One of the great things about GPON technology is that it eliminates distribution paths on which the optical signals – in the form of light beams – must travel to deliver service. Eliminating these various paths means the signals can run at a more optimal speed, with fewer interruptions and at a cooler temperature than traditional copper cable networks.   

A more efficiently-run network can function well without the need to continuously run a cooling system which would contribute to energy pollution. Hotwire Communications’ fiber network does not require a special environment or cooling system, and produces zero pollution to deliver a green telecommunications environment to our customers. By using GPON technology and energy-efficient equipment, we can provide our customers with a valuable, energy-saving solution for homes and businesses.  

Monthly Electrical Savings  

GPON technology results in a greener, more efficient network environment, which translates into tremendous cost savings for our customers. With fiber optics, light signals are transmitted over hair-thin glass which allows data to flow faster and more efficiently than copper cables, and requires less equipment to generate and power the signal.  

Additionally, a more energy-efficient signal transmission means the cooling requirements for a fiber-optic network are greatly reduced, resulting in power savings from using less cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Hotwire Communications has observed that the average cooling costs needed for a fiber-optic network is reduced by more than 50% versus traditional wiring because these networks are able to reconstruct efficiently without the need of added equipment.   

Green Set Top Boxes  

The power consumption attributed to electronic devices in an average household, including set-top boxes that power TV services, routers that distribute WiFi signals, and other small appliances, is greater than many consumers realize. Did you know small appliances such as set-top boxes can actually use MORE electricity than a refrigerator?  

In an effort to minimize the high energy consumption of traditional set-top boxes, Hotwire Communications is proud to offer customers a more energy-efficient product. Our low-power set-top boxes significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to power the device. This energy-conscious approach can prove to be very cost-effective, especially in households that have multiple set-boxes.  

Pro tip: You can cut down even more on your household’s energy consumption by connecting your set-top box to a power strip that can cut the flow of electricity to the device when it’s not in use.  

Hotwire Communications strives to deliver the most advanced technology, while utilizing efficient, low-energy consuming equipment to provide an exemplary service experience and cost savings to our customers, that also help to make the world a cleaner, greener place. By reducing carbon emission and cutting back on extra energy pollution, we can provide state-of-the-art, future-proof fiber-optic technology that is safer for the environment and future generations.