female tech CEO

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 25, 2019, The most successful leaders are those who reject the notion that the best solutions have already been thought of, but instead embrace new ideas and are among the first adopters of emerging innovations – not just of the latest gadgets and devices, but of progressive practices and innovative workflows.

As the co-founder, president and CEO of Hotwire Communications, a privately-owned South Florida-based fiber optic Internet Service Provider (ISP), Kristin J. Karp has been recognized as just that kind of forward-thinking leader by the South Florida Business Journal, which has selected her as one of their Power Leaders in Technology 2019.

Through Kristin’s leadership, Hotwire Communications has placed itself ahead of the curve by not only embracing future-proof fiber optic cable, which once installed will not need to be replaced for approximately 100 years, but also by revolutionizing the customer’s experience with the company’s products and relationship with their employees.

Hotwire’s service innovations are designed with the intent of being highly accessible, meaning that older generations and the less computer-savvy aren’t excluded from being able to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by cutting edge advances in the cable industry, and the barriers traditionally preventing them from adapting to new products have been removed.

Employees are also encouraged to take a high-touch, personal approach to the on-boarding and life-cycle of each customer, doing everything from walking them through the nitty gritty details of the installation process to educating them on the overall use of Hotwire’s range of products and services.

By taking this white glove approach, Kristin’s employees build a relationship with customers that ensures they understand exactly how to use these new products in ways that are most suited to their own personal needs, and allows for change to be an active and living part of the ecosystem of the company she founded.

This personal, customer-first business strategy forms the foundation of Hotwire’s business model, which has its roots in Kristin’s history as a chef and restaurateur, where through years of experience she learned about the importance of high-quality service and working closely with your customer. By following this philosophy, Hotwire has seen a significant increase in overall adoption, ensuring contract renewals and improving the Return on Investment (ROI).

“Every day, we’re finding new and exciting ways to innovate the customer experience and make our service technology even greater,” said Kristin. “I’ve never been content to simply accept the status quo. Whenever someone tells me, ‘That’s how other providers do it,’ that makes me want to find our way to do it, and do it better. That philosophy has never steered me wrong, and it will help guide us in the coming years as technology continues to grow and reshape our lives. My sincere thanks to the South Florida Business Journal for this great honor.”