Don’t let an unreliable internet connection prevent you from securing an all-time high score in your favorite game. Hotwire Communications provides high-speed connections on an all-fiber network to ensure your gaming goes on without a glitch.  

Whether you are streaming or playing online with friends, your Fision® Fiber Optics from Hotwire Communications will give you the fast, stable connection you need to keep the games going. That’s why PCMag has repeatedly named us one of the best gaming ISPs in the country.  

Gaming Benefits with Fision Fiber 

Fiber internet is instant, reliable, and fast, providing gamers with a dependable connection and Gigabit speeds without disruption from other devices on the network. Regardless of network traffic, your connection will remain stable throughout your game time. Hotwire Communications provides lightning-fast speeds that allow users to download 100 GB games in a flash. Fision fiber can keep up with your current gaming needs and is ready to handle future trends in the gaming world.  

Our 100% fiber-optic network means consistent speeds regardless of network traffic, delivering a powerful home broadband connection that can handle multiple devices at once. This gives users the ability to freely play games online while completing tasks and running other applications without interruption.  

Our advanced fiber-optic technology directly connects users to the network without sharing bandwidth with neighbors so gamers receive a dedicated connection to optimize their experience. Our commitment to providing a 100% fiber-optics network has allowed Hotwire Communications to become one of the fastest growing and most successful independent internet providers in the country. 

Fision Fiber for Student Gaming Experience 

Let’s face it – sometimes students want an internet connection that allows them to do more than research and homework. Hotwire Communications brings the best of both worlds through fiber-optic technology, allowing students to explore and discover a whole new realm of gaming experience in their downtime, from the comfort of their own dorms. Keeping up with the latest technology, Fision fiber can deliver the speeds students need for both school and gaming, and is ready to handle future trends to fit student needs. Fision fiber offers wall-to-wall WiFi capable of delivering Gigabit speeds, all backed by dedicated service and support. 

Along with delivering the most advanced technology, Hotwire Communications is committed to providing students with a best-in-class service experience, giving them the attention and support they need and ask for. Our Customer Care agents are available 24/7 to provide personalized support. 

We are proud to offer gamers – at home or at school – the most advanced and reliable connection so they can game without interruption.