Live Your Best Life with Fision® Encore 

This is your time. Now you can truly enjoy all life has to offer and Fision® Encore is there to help.  With its newest service designed specifically for Seniors, Hotwire Communications provides customized, bundled triple-play telecommunications solutions for all of your needs.  

With our multi-gigabit Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructure, you’ll be able to do everything using one easy to use, customized solution.  Need to be able to monitor your health and connect with your health and medical professionals?  How about keeping in touch with family and friends online?  Are you participating in community activities and still need WiFi access? Thinking about shopping without leaving your home?  Do you want to know what’s going on in your community and how you can get involved? Does an outside vendor need to make a visit to your home and requires gate access? We’ve got you covered!

And Hotwire Communications will even make sure you know how to use your new services with personalized, concierge style educational seminars run by our Fision® Encore specialists allowing you to receive help from professionals who truly understand your needs, at no additional charge to you!  In-person and virtual education classes will be available for newly installed residents to provide more in-depth training on the most useful features of our products​. 


Fision® Encore is not only easy to use, personalized for your needs, and convenient, it’s also competitively priced for all the features you receive.  That means you’ll get more, for less! 

Plus, our dedicated team of 100% US-based, award winning customer support​ from the local community, is available to you 24x7x365​ meaning any time you have a question, we’ll be there to assist you! 

Replay TV

Fision® TV

Crystal-clear IPTV with HD channels in analog and digital formats delivers a high-quality television product with the least amount of compression. Fision® TV offers the latest technology including: Highly intuitive and customizable guides, in addition to innovative features including Replay TV to rewind live TV up to 48 hours, Video On Demand, community channels and international content, and an innovative voice remote allowing you to use spoken commands. 

Fision® Internet

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) directly provides you with up to 10 Gb of dedicated symmetrical bandwidth, ensuring you receive the fastest speeds, low latency, and 99.999% uptime. 

Hotwire Communications - Fision Internet
Fision Security

Fision® Security

State-of-the-art home security and automation features allow for both self-monitoring and professional, 24x7x365 monitoring at a certified central station. With enough flexibility to customize according to your individual lifestyle, Hotwire’s security technology learns the home’s unique activity patterns and quickly alerts you of unusual events, and features secure door aspects allowing you to remotely monitor entrances from anywhere. 

Fision® Voice

Through robust, reliable, and geo-redundant pairs of servers and infrastructure, Hotwire Communications is able to deliver voice services to customers, with unlimited local and long-distance calling to anywhere in the contiguous United States and Canada, with features like: call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling and more.

Fision® Encore: All you need today. All you want tomorrow.