Think about your favorite commercial jingle. What makes that tune so special? Is it the catchy notes of the song? Or maybe the lyrics that tell you about a superior product or service? Sure, all of those factors play a part in your recollection of the jingle, but you know what truly helps bring it home? Frequency. The number of times you’ve heard the jingle is what helps commit it to your memory.


Effective use of frequency defines the staying power of your advertisement. Ensuring that the same homes, the same people hear your message enough times will allow them to recall your product and brand the next time they’re out shopping or browsing online. Hitting that sweet spot of repetition will help guide new customers to your brand and encourage those who know it to select you once again.


Our Fision Multi-Media Advertising Solution puts your message in front our exclusive audience, on the channels they watch the most, and at a frequency that is designed to get the most value out of your market spend. Send us an email at and let our team of Marketing professionals create a custom schedule to reach your target audience, so that the next time viewers are driving home, your jingle will be what pops up in their head.