Salisbury, North Carolina, May, 09, 2018. In a referendum vote, the residents of Salisbury, North Carolina voted overwhelmingly to approve the lease of Salisbury’s city-wide fiber-to-the-home system to Hotwire Communications.  This first-of-its-kind general election provides for a 20-year lease of the City of Salisbury’s network to Hotwire Communications, a Florida based fiber communications company.

The deal will net the City $1.5 million per year and save the City at least $20 million over the next ten years.  The leadership of the Mayor & City Council, the City Manager, and CTC Technology and Energy was the catalyst for this exemplary deal to be completed.

Hotwire looks forward to bringing its best-in-class residential, small & medium business, and enterprise services to Salisbury.

VP of Corporate Development & Government, Jonathan Bullock, says that he is “looking forward to bringing Hotwire’s fiber-based-services and dedication to community involvement to the City of Salisbury” and is “looking forward to nurturing a long term relationship between the City and all of its residents”.