We are all familiar with those frustrating moments that we need to get up from our personal space, just to connect our electronic device in another room where there is “better” Wi-Fi. With EERO’s fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage, there will be no need to walk around aimlessly and waste extra time on any task at hand. EERO is a simple, smart, and secure wireless router that encompasses the capability to provide internet access within a whole house space (or up to 6,000 sq. ft.), eliminating need to worry about any dead zones.

So how does it work?

EERO accomplishes whole-house coverage through its intelligent, patented TrueMesh technology that routes Wi-Fi traffic so that every person in the home can stay focused on work with no distractions, or finish up that Netflix series they’ve been binging on for the past few days. EERO’s mesh technology relies on innovative algorithms in order to keep the Wi-Fi flowing in many directions. In technical terms, a single transmission sends data to multiple users to make the Wi-Fi channel less overcrowded. This makes it most efficient, providing lower wait time for data delivery. Although this seems too good to be true, it really is good and true!

Safe Security

Aside from other Wi-Fi networks that are less secure and can easily be broken into, EERO makes sure that a problem like that will never occur. This is very important to Hotwire Communication to provide our customers with safe and reliable security and connections; it all starts with prevention. EERO works with third-party security reviewers to help keep your network safe and secure, fixing issues before homeowners experience them. EERO’s advanced technology uses Smart Security and protection for your Wi-Fi. EERO systems work with the strongest security protocols in the market today. EERO labs feature, also known as WPA3, provides that extra shield of protection. This feature is optional, but highly recommended. These features are available to Hotwire Communications customers as well. Within the app, Hotwire Communications customers can see exactly what is happening by viewing their connection speed, checking individual data usage, viewing which devices are on your network, and making sure each individual EERO is working properly.

Unique Customization

Hotwire Communications customers can also customize different profiles for each member in their home. For example, devices can be named so you can see if “Emily’s iPhone” or “John’s Tablet” is utilizing the network. Additionally, EERO offers parental controls that can be used to limit usage times by implementing unique schedules for different profiles and devices without the need to disconnect from the network.

Another cool feature is that you can share Wi-Fi with friends or other family members that come from out of town by granting them access to a separate guest network, eliminating the need to locate and share your Wi-Fi password.