When we look at the difference between linear and digital advertising there is one aspect that stands out: how you reach your audience. Business owners might be hesitant to take a chance on newer digital advertising over traditional television ads as the former is a tried and true form of reaching potential customers in a local market. However, technology is only expanding, and as more and more devices are being brought online in the home, families are giving advertisers more avenues to reach them. Looking over statistics “if the household is occupied by children, 38% are more likely to stream via connected tv,” meaning local businesses need to begin including digital ads in their marketing portfolio if they want to reach that growing audience. 

Whether you’re trying to reach customers on an innovative digital display or through a traditional television advertisement, our expert team of marketing professionals can provide custom advertising solutions so there is something to fit everyone’s needs. Make the smart choice and choose Fision Ad Solutions. For more information and a free consultation, email us at adsolutions@hotwiremail.com .