Digital advertising is the scoop of the day as the movement towards online activity continues to grow. Live streaming, online shopping, binge watching on an app enabled device. The opportunities for everyone to stay online and at home have done nothing but multiply, which has informed advertisers decisions when it comes to physical marketing and reaching those homebodies where they consume content. The move is clear that as Covid-19 has adapted lifestyles and an ever-evolving online marketplace has emerged to meet their needs (Taco Tuesday night via home delivery anyone?), advertisers must find the new ways to reach their target audience.

The solution becomes clear with digital advertising displays. Projections show digital ad spending worldwide will grow up to $785.08 billion in 2025, with consistent increases every year between 2022 and 2025. Every Internet connected device in a consumers home becomes a new opportunity to connect your brand with a customer, whether that’s a smart TV advertisement, or a banner ad in a mobile game. And as these display and in-banner video ads trend more in 2022, by finding the right geo-targeted area and placing your ads consistently where your customers consume content, you’ll be able to reach and connect your brand with your new and potential customers.

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