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One of the first fiber-only providers in the United States, Hotwire Communications has over 20 years of expertise in fiber optic network design and deployment. Hotwire Communications will work directly with the city, county, or municipality to develop a model for fiber deployment that is sustainable, ensures ubiquitous fiber buildout, and addresses the unique needs of your community. Hotwire can integrate with existing fiber infrastructure to maximize existing investments. We work closely with local schools, governmental offices, and economic development teams to ensure the return on your fiber network is maximized.

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Metro Ethernet is the use of Carrier Ethernet technology in metropolitan area networks (MANs) that offer cost effectiveness, reliability, and scalability, as well as Ethernet Services and bandwidth management superior to most proprietary networks.

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Ethernet Direct Internet Access

E-DIA provides a reliable, simpler, more flexible, and higher bandwidth option for dedicated internet access services.

Hotwire Communications - Ethernet Direct Internet Access

Ethernet Private Line Service

Provides symmetrical, reliable and flexible Point-to-Point connection between two User Network Interfaces (UNI) with the use of any VLAN.

Hotwire Communications - Private Line Servic

EP-LAN Service

Ethernet Private Local Area Network provides reliable and flexible Multipoint-to-Multipoint layer 2 connectivity across sites geographically distributed across a metropolitan area.

Hotwire Communications - EP-LAN Service

Dark Fiber Wide Area Network

DF-WAN provides a dedicated private-network custom-designed with low latency, multiprotocol, ultra-secured and unlimited bandwidth for use. 

Hotwire Communications - Dark Fiber
Hotwire Communications - Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits of Fiber Optics


Cost savings grows with expected inflation


Network inexpensively scalable for the future


More productivity with lower latency

Smart City Technology

Dreaming of becoming a city of the future? Hotwire Communicators can help make that dream a reality. Smart City initiatives that positively impact the triple bottom line like Smart Lighting, Smart Transit, and Smart Security can all be made possible through a custom-designed, 100% fiber optic network connecting your city with ubiquitous bandwidth.

The future starts today with Fision® Fiber Optics.

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