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Since 2002, Hotwire Communications has led the Gigabit revolution, pioneering fiber-optic internet. As a nationally known Internet Service Provider, we own and operate our fully redundant fiber-optic network which directly connects us to every community, customer, and city we serve, making Hotwire Communications the only company to provide direct fiber-lines in all of our core markets today. We also provide our customers a full suite of telecommunications services, such as multi-Gigabit Internet, crystal-clear voice, HD and 4K capable IPTV and more!

Fueled by Fiber and Built For The Future!

For over two decades, we’ve had the same leadership team, working toward the same mission, ensuring we are a company that is here for the long term, with fiber-optic internet as our foundation. 

As the largest, privately held internet service provider to commercial and community-living environments, our network footprint is ever-expanding across Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and California. 

Same Leadership

Our leadership team is unwavering in its commitment to realizing the company's goals and vision. Their steadfast dedication has been instrumental in driving our success.


Same Mission

Hotwire Communications is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of delivering the most optimal and high-speed internet services to its customers.

Same Ownership

With consistent ownership since our beginning, we ensure stability and continuity in our operations, setting us apart from other ISPs.

Same Brand

Over the years, we have established a strong and consistent brand identity that embodies reliability, innovation, and the latest in fiber-optic internet technology.

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    Our Executive Team

    We are a dynamic company with an array of experience across the telecommunications industry. Our success is driven by our dedicated, expert team of leaders who are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Get to know the faces behind Hotwire Communications and learn more about our team’s passion for delivering exceptional service.  

    Hotwire in the News

    Hotwire Communications is constantly innovating our telecommunications services, expanding our fiber-optic internet network, and finding ways to give back to the communities we serve.  See what’s new in the Hotwire Communications Press room, featuring an up-to-date assortment of press releases and articles from the local, national, and international news.

    Hotwire Communications Ranked Best Gaming ISPs of 2021

    The scores are in and the verdict is out: PC Magazine has named Hotwire Communications as the 2021 Best Gaming ISP in the Southeast United States! The publication used their own “PCMag Speed Test Tool” to gather data and evaluate Internet Service Providers (ISPs)...

    Hotwire Communications Opens Fision Experience Center in Highlands, North Carolina

    On the heels of bringing ultra-fast broadband to the heart of an area long underserved by technology’s ever-changing demands, Hotwire Communications, along with local elected officials including Highlands Mayor and the Highlands Chamber of Commerce, gathered to...

    Hotwire Communications Adds i24NEWS to its Channel Lineup

    Hotwire Communications announces a significant addition to its Fision TV channel lineup with the inclusion of i24NEWS. This partnership marks a significant step forward in delivering the latest news and insights from the Middle East, Israel, and around the world to...

    Visual Storytelling: The Art of Image Driven Narratives

    Seeing is believing and if social media has taught us anything, it’s that we are a visually driven people. Watching an inspiring dance move can get us to jump up off the couch. Seeing a cute kitten cuddle up next to a sleeping puppy can make our eyes swell as we say...

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