Graduate To Fision® Fiber

Fision® U delivers the next generation of technology amenities that students demand. Our exclusive fiber optic system serves as the backbone for campus-wide telecommunications solutions, delivering Gigabit Internet to each room with speeds nearly 100 times faster than most Americans experience today, and box-less HDTV that eliminates the hassle of set-top-boxes. Simply stated, our network is sharper, smarter and faster.

Fision® U HDTV

Eliminate the hassle of set-top-boxes with our box-less HDTV solution, allowing students to instantly enjoy our most popular TV channel lineup by simply connecting their TV. Our Plug and Play television services offer the option to upgrade to digital programming featuring premium channels, sports networks, music, and more.

Fision® U Internet

Students can connect to our wired Gigabit Internet solution before their suitcases are unpacked. Our Plug and Play Internet provides each student quick access to a secure, reliable, and convenient Internet connection, with an Ethernet port at every pillow and speeds up to 1 Gigabit delivered to each bed.

Fision® U Wireless

Wall-to-Wall enterprise wireless solutions provides Wi-Fi to any device, anytime, anywhere, whether it’s the study lab, fitness center, or game room, meaning students have the freedom to roam their entire campus while staying connected to high-speed Internet.

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