Our top priority is to provide uninterrupted services despite any weather event.

Throughout the 2022 storm season, you can rest assured that safety preparations are already underway across all Hotwire Communications offices. We are actively monitoring all developing weather systems, and we are prepared to respond accordingly to ensure the safety of our employees while guaranteeing that the service we provide continues without interruption.

Hotwire Communications Is Prepared

Hotwire Communications - Smart City

Our highly-durable and reliable all-fiber optic network infrastructure is built to sustain the most extreme weather conditions. If you have power, you’ll have Fision services.

Our Network Operations Center will continue to be manned to deliver 24-hour network monitoring and support.

    Our master data center is housed within the Hotwire Communications Technology Center, a world-class, Category 5 hurricane-proof facility supported by dual power and backup generators.

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    Resources – including technicians and vital supplies, such as backup generators – are on standby in unaffected areas and will be deployed immediately to areas impacted by a storm to assist in speedy recovery efforts.

    If you lose services, we will know immediately and be able to begin restoration work right away – you do not need to take any action or make any calls. Our teams will proactively monitor and communicate issues to you via our Fision Direct text messaging services so that you are in-the-know even if you lose power.



    Our facilities are kept cool through a highly reliable, state-of-the-art magnetic chiller, which provides additional failsafe redundancy and ensures equipment vital to our network is maintained at the proper temperature despite power outages.

    Stay Connected

    Prepare Early For Storm Season

    Hurricane Safety Tips and Resources:

    Check out the National Hurricane Center for storm updates and tracking, educational resources, and so much more.

    ✔ Find Your Evacuation Zone & Develop an Evacuation Plan 

    ✔ Assemble Disaster Supplies

    ✔ Strengthen Your Home

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Stay up-to-date on health and safety protocols and how that might affect going to a public disaster shelter

    Find Your Nearest Shelter

    If you find yourself in need of a place to shelter, please use the following links to find available shelters and local management agencies that can assist you in an emergency:

    Storm Season FAQs

    Q: Will the network be monitored during the storm?

    A: Yes, our teams continue to monitor our network 24/7/365 in our Category 5-proof facility. We ensure continuous monitoring of our network, no matter what storms may be impacting our Hotwire Technology Center.

    Q: How should I report an outage during the storm?

    A: You do not need to report an outage during the storm. If your home has power and your Fision® services are offline, our team of network engineers will be aware of the outage and working to restore services as quickly as possible when it is safe to do so.


    Q: I have TV service but it goes in and out, and the picture quality is not as good as usual, what should I do?

    A: Intermittent signal issues may occur during normal usage of your Fision® TV services. If you are experiencing unusual loss of service, try power cycling your Set Top Box and see if that resolves the issue. If you are still experiencing signal interruptions after doing so, please call into our Call Center team for further assistance.


    Q: Why did I lose my TV, Internet, and Voice services but I still have power?

    A: You may be experiencing a service outage at your community. If this has happened, there is no need to call into our call center as our network engineering team is already aware of the loss of service and is in the process of restoring services. Once service is restored at your community, your equipment will reboot automatically.


    Q: My neighbor has TV, Internet, and Voice services but I do not. What is going on?

    A: Ensure all power connections are secure on your devices and that your home currently has power running to your Fision® Home equipment. If you have power and your equipment has not rebooted automatically, try power cycling the devices by removing the power source and restoring it. If this does not bring services back online, please reach out to our Call Center team.


    Q: When will my services be restored?

    A: If there is a major outage due to the impact of a storm, our technical recovery teams will be deployed the moment local authorities have given the all clear notice for essential services to resume work.


    Q: What can delay repairs after the storm?

    A: If during the storm, flying debris has blocked roadways or damaged on-site equipment, this may cause a delay in the restoration of services as these effects are beyond our control. However, rest assured that once it is safe for our teams to do so, our technicians will be on site and ready to replace or repair any damaged equipment that was caused by the storm.


    Q: What if I can’t pay my bills on time because of the storm?

    A: We understand that no one can predict the effects of a storm and that there may be a significant impact to you and your family after a storm has occurred. If you are experiencing any financial hardships due to the impact of a storm, please reach out to our Call Center teams to see if you qualify for special assistance.

    Learn to Reset & Reconnect

    Internet Troubleshooting

    Having trouble connecting to the web? Take just 0:30 to review this quick tutorial on how to reset your router or ONT in the event of a power loss or service failure.

    TV Troubleshooting

    If you lose TV services due to power loss during a storm, they should reboot automatically once power is restored. If they don't, the steps listed in this video should help.

    Phone Troubleshooting

    Any problems you have with your phone services can be solved with a few simple steps. Learn what you’ll need to do to reset your phones after the storm passes.

    Home Security Troubleshooting FAQs:


    Q: I lost power and my security system is out. Should I reboot the equipment?

    A: No. Once power is restored, the system will reboot itself.

    Q: I lost power and when it came back, my security system started beeping. Is there something wrong?

    A: No. This is a normal function of the alarm system after an outage. Now that power has been restored, the beeping will stop on its own.

    Q: Will my security system still be monitored during the storm?

    A: Yes. The central monitoring station has sufficient backup battery power and redundancy to continue to monitor your system for 24-48 hours, should you experience loss of power. The backup battery is also rechargeable.  Once power is restored, the backup battery will begin recharging automatically. You will not need to replace the backup battery.