White Glove Service

At Hotwire Communications, we are a cut above the typical cable experience. Our pre-build Property Managers, on-site Account Managers, and local Service Technicians are friendly, engaging, and stay with you every step of the way.


Every step of the way our Project Managers educate new or prospective customers on what the installation process will be, and ensure we deliver the custom-tailored services to suit their needs.

Account Managers

After we complete construction, the Account Manager acts as a personal liaison in your community, answering any questions about our products, helping to troubleshoot or scheduling a service call for any technical difficulties.

Call Centers

Highly trained call center agents are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Locally operated in the United States, calls placed to our call centers are answered in at least 7 seconds.

Dedicated Technicians

Every property we service receives its own dedicated Hotwire Service Technician, who understands the wants and needs of the community and becomes an integral part of the neighborhood.

Commitment To Quality

Customer feedback is extremely important to our entire team and we take tremendous pride in the customer experience we’ve created. From development to installation, the Hotwire Communications team continues to exceed expectations.

Defining White Glove Service

“Our service level is not typical in the industry. When customers have issues in their home, they can go directly to our office on-site and interact with an account manager, bypassing their property manager, HOA Board, or going to an off-site store.

CARL LENDER – Executive Vice President, Fision® Home Customer Experience

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