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The Future is Here and it’s Fision Fiber Optic Internet.

Over two decades ago, our visionary founder and CEO, Kristin Johnson, understood the transformative power of fiber optic internet. Anticipating the on-going evolution of technology and the internet, we embarked on our mission to revolutionize the industry long before the fiber boom took hold.

As the pioneers of fiber optic internet in Florida, we embraced our curiosity for technology, nurtured a culture of innovation, and fueled our passion for shaping the future. Today, we connect 15 DMAs across 9 states and stand at the forefront of connectivity, driven by our relentless commitment to powering the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.

Our Network- Empowering the Fourth Utility

To support the internet’s full transition into becoming the fourth utility, behind water, electricity, and gas, we built a 100% fiber optic network. Owning our fiber optic network, compared to leasing it, offers several advantages such as providing greater control and flexibility.


    • We have the ability to design, upgrade, and expand our network according to specific needs and requirements, which allows for better customization, scalability to keep up with increasing demands.
    • By owning our fiber-optic network, we have complete control over its maintenance and reliability. We can proactively address any issues, guarantee high-quality performance, and minimize downtime which results in improved service for customers.
    • As internet usage continues to grow and new technologies emerge, Hotwire Communications’ fiber-optic network is well-equipped to handle the demands of tomorrow’s digital world.

Fision Fiber Optic Internet is Built For More….

Speed, Reliability and Limitless Scalability

Fision Fiber-Optic


We continuously raise the bar by introducing increased gigabits of speeds and setting new benchmarks for internet service providers. With our dedicated fiber-to-the-customer network design, we have optimized the perfect environment to deliver lightning-fast internet speeds to every client we serve. Our 100% symmetrical speeds further enhance the internet experience, enabling seamless data transfer and superior performance.

Fision Fiber-Optic


Designed with unrivaled reliability in mind, our infrastructure features a fully-redundant fiber ring that ensures uninterrupted service. Thanks to its self-healing properties, in the event of a network cut, the ring automatically re-routes itself, preventing any service disruptions. We proactively monitor all fiber lines from end-to-end in real time, addressing any potential issues before they arise and providing customers dependable, reliable internet.

Fision Fiber-Optic


We didn’t settle for just revolutionizing fiber optic internet; we went above and beyond by designing a network that provides a high level of scalability and capacity, allowing for future upgrades and expansions without requiring significant infrastructure changes. Our network is capable of handling future advancements, along with delivering reliable and high-speed connectivity for years to come.

There's Fiber. Then there'sFiber-to-the-Home.

Multi-Gig delivery available directly to every home.

Unlike many of our direct competitors, Fision Fiber Optic Internet offers a true Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) internet connection. With FTTH, fiber optic cables are directly connected to each household, providing several advantages: 

  • FTTH offers higher speeds, reaching up to 10 Gbps, compared to Fiber-To-The-Community, which many of our direct competitors offer, usually only reaching speeds up to 1 Gbps. 
  • FTTH has greater reliability, eliminating the need for additional lines or cables for the last mile connection. This reduces the potential for signal degradation or interruptions.
  • Although FTTH installation costs can be higher due to the need for direct connections, it offers greater future-proofing capabilities and a more consistent user experience.

Fision Fiber-Optic

Increased Bandwidth &No Data Caps

  • Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber-optic cables transmit data using pulses of light which allows for a much higher data-carrying capacity at high speeds.
  • Fiber-optic lines also have a wider frequency range, allowing them to carry a broader spectrum of data simultaneously.
  • This increased bandwidth translates to faster download and upload speeds, reduced latency, and the ability to support multiple devices and bandwidth-intensive applications simultaneously.

100% Symmetrical Speeds

  • Our fiber optic internet is 100% symmetrical, offering the distinct advantage of equal upload and download speeds. This balance is beneficial for applications that rely on robust two-way data transfer.
  • Businesses, content creators, video streamers, and online gamers who require smooth and uninterrupted streaming, real-time interaction, and simultaneous uploading of content can heavily benefit from a symmetrical connection.
  • Don’t be fooled by the asymmetrical speeds other providers advertise based on maximum download speeds. Our customers can upload and download data at the same high speeds. When we say 1 Gig, we mean 1 Gig upload, and 1 Gig download.
Fision Fiber-Optic
Fision Fiber-Optic

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