Graduate To Fision Fiber Optic Internet

Welcome to the future of technology amenities demanded by students. Our collaboration with student housing management groups ensures that residents have access to the blazing-fast speeds they require, thanks to our cutting-edge fiber-optic network. With multi-Gigabit internet speeds available to all students, we strive to enhance their academic success and provide an unparalleled amenity experience. In short, our network is sharper, smarter, and faster, precisely what today’s students need.

Why Fision Fiber Optic Internet by Hotwire Communications?

Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

Enhanced & Reliable Connectivity

By partnering with Hotwire Communications, student housing groups can provide residents with enhanced connectivity options. This includes access to high-speed internet, reliable Wi-Fi connections, and advanced network infrastructure to support the increasing demand for digital resources.

Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

Dedicated Support & Expertise

We specialize in delivering optimal network performance, troubleshooting any connectivity issues, and providing technical assistance when needed. This ensures that student housing management can focus on their core responsibilities while leaving the telecom-related aspects to us.

Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

Connected Community Experience

As your dedicated telecommunication partner, we are deeply committed to enhancing the daily lives of student residents providing a community-wide experience like no other. Property-wide connection at the pool, fitness area and study rooms for community living that students desire.

Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

Fision Fiber Optic Internet

Instant. Reliable. Fast.

Students can enjoy instant connectivity with our wired Gigabit internet solution, ensuring a seamless online experience right from the moment they arrive. Our Plug and Play Internet offers secure and reliable connectivity, with Ethernet ports conveniently available at every pillow, delivering speeds of up to 1 Gigabit to each bed.


  • Fiber connectivity to the community 
  • Dedicated bandwidth  
  • Consistently fast speeds with low latency  
  • Internet usage and connected devices are not affected by number of neighbors using internet and peak usage 
  • Ultra-fast gaming capability 
  • No data caps
Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing
Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

In-Room and Community-Wide Wi-Fi

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Give students the freedom to roam their entire community with unrestricted connectivity throughout their community with our wall-to-wall enterprise wireless solutions. Students are able to stay connected on any device, at any time, and from anywhere within the property. Whether at the library, fitness center, or game room, students enjoy seamless Wi-Fi access for all their favorite devices.



  • Community-wide, managed, commercial grade Wi-Fi 
  • Bandwidth capable of surfing, scanning, streaming and more  
  • Seamless community-wide roaming 
  • Remote troubleshooting 
  • Customizable network  
  • Indoor and outdoor access points for increased coverage  
  • Removes the need for on-site IT management  
  • Ongoing management and support 
  • Enhanced privacy settings and ability to block web content 
Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

High Definition IPTV

No Box. No Hassle. Pure Entertainment.

Experience hassle-free entertainment with our box-less HDTV solution. Students can instantly access our popular TV channel lineup by connecting directly to their TV, eliminating the need for set-top-boxes. Our Plug and Play television services offer the option to upgrade to digital programming featuring premium channels, sports networks, music, and more with ease.



  • Box-less HDTV
  • Premium sports channels and more
  • IPTV solutions 
  • 4K OT Content Ready  
Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing

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Fiber-Optic Internet Student Housing