Empowering the Future
of Senior Living

Hotwire Communications provides senior living communities and residents with an enhanced lifestyle experience. Backed by advanced in-room communication capabilities, and an easy-to-use interactive TV platform with a seamless interface, our products are tailored to suit the needs of Seniors. Our fiber optic network powers our services and products to provide better and safer care. 

Why Fision Fiber Optic Internet by Hotwire Communications?

Lifestyle Enhancing

Our high-speed fiber-optic internet connection is designed to enrich the lives of seniors in senior housing. With seamless communication, immersive entertainment, and a world of online possibilities at their fingertips, seniors can enjoy enhanced connectivity, engagement, and convenience for a truly fulfilling lifestyle.

Better Care

Delivering the highest level of care to senior residents starts with reliable technology and trusted services. With our dependable Fision Fiber Optic internet, residents can rely on continuous health, safety, and security monitoring, while facilities can provide real-time and remote monitoring capabilities for families and caretakers, ensuring peace of mind for all.

True Partnership

As your dedicated telecommunication partner, we are deeply committed to enhancing the daily lives of senior residents. Our 24/7/365 accessible, US-based call center is always ready to assist and keep you connected. Also, residents can engage in Fision® education classes, available both in-person and remotely, to unlock the full potential of their products and services.

Fision Fiber Optic Internet

Empowering Connectivity, Enriching Lives

Senior-living communities can experience the dependability of our fiber optic internet service, designed to provide a strong and stable connection that facilitates seamless communication. Fision Fiber Optic Internet is equipped to support multiple devices, especially for essential health monitoring and enhanced security measures, ensuring the utmost safety for our valued customers.

  • Reliable and stable connection for seamless communication.
  • Support for multiple devices, including health monitoring and security systems.
  • Enhanced privacy and data protection measures
  • Seamless connectivity for virtual social engagement and telehealth services.

In-Room and Community-Wide Wi-Fi

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Give residents the freedom to roam their entire community with unrestricted connectivity throughout their community with our wall-to-wall enterprise wireless solutions. Residents are able to stay connected on any device, at any time, and from anywhere within the property. Whether at the pool, fitness center, lobby and more and enjoy seamless Wi-Fi access for all their favorite devices.



  • Community-wide, managed, commercial grade Wi-Fi 
  • Bandwidth capable of surfing, scanning, streaming and more  
  • Seamless community-wide roaming 
  • Remote troubleshooting 
  • Customizable network  
  • Indoor and outdoor access points for increased coverage  
  • Removes the need for on-site IT management  
  • Ongoing management and support 
  • Enhanced privacy settings and ability to block web content 

    Fision TV

    Less Searching. More Watching. 

    Our interactive in-room TV empowers senior residents with independence, providing a user-friendly interface for easy access to entertainment and information. Additionally, our community-focused features foster a sense of togetherness, allowing residents to connect with one another in person or through virtual interactions.


      • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
      • The “My Community” channel provides Seniors with fast, reliable, convenient digital communication services, making it easy for Seniors to communicate with their community, send messages or emergency alerts, reserve amenities, read community announcements, and more
      • Access to a wide range of entertainment options, including TV shows, movies, and streaming services
      • Customizable channel lineup to cater to residents’ preferences
      • Closed captioning and audio description options for enhanced accessibility
      • Integrated connectivity for easy access to online content and applications
      • Compatibility with assistive devices for residents with specific needs.

    Fision Voice

    An Easier Way to Stay Connected

    Fision Voice ensures that seniors can stay socially connected, easily reconnecting with old friends and maintaining regular communication with their loved ones. With user-friendly features and reliable service, Fision Voice empowers seniors to engage in meaningful conversations and stay connected with the people who matter most.



    • User-friendly interface for easy operation.
    • Clear and reliable communication.
    • Hands-free functionality for convenience.
    • Caller ID and call waiting for call management.
    • Voicemail and visual voicemail for message management.
    • Call forwarding and call blocking for control and privacy.
    • Speed dial and contact management for easy calling.
    • Emergency calling capabilities for added safety.
    • Local and long-distance calling for staying connected


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