Red or Blue? Happy or Elated? ‘Come on down’ or ‘Stop on by’? How do you know which way is the best way to reach your audience? One of the most basic tenants of determining a successful ad campaign is the use of AB Testing. To those unfamiliar, this approach takes the form of two slightly similar concepts but with a critical design detail changed between them to see which approach gains more of a reaction from the recipients of the advertisement. Do people enjoy seeing a woman drinking her coffee in the morning, or does the same setting get more of a reaction with a man drinking his coffee? The differences between the two could be the key to your campaigns success.

 When working with our Fision® Multi-Media Ad Solutions team, we have several different opportunities for you to incorporate your own AB Testing into your Marketing campaign. Whether that’s using different pieces of collateral your company has created to see which one garners more of a reaction or writing multiple concepts for your digital ads. Our team has the tools and resources to monitor your success and gauge impact on the community. Get your campaign started today, and schedule your free consultation ( our Fision® Ad Solutions team.