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French Language Media & Entertainment Channel Now Available

Fort Lauderdale – Bonjour America, a French-language channel focusing on French movies, television, and music content, has officially launched on all Fision IPTV service platforms at Hotwire Communications.

“As part of our commitment to providing a diverse network lineup that can entertain customers from the global community, we have partnered with Bonjour America to bring a unique television programming lineup to Hotwire Communications customers across the country,” said Alex Bravo, Manager of Content and Distribution at Hotwire Communications. “We’re excited to begin this new partnership, and hope our customers will enjoy unlimited access to the best in French media entertainment.”

The channel, which currently airs on Fision TV Ch. 1001, features 24/7/365 French-language programming including television shows, movies, animations, documentaries, news, and pop culture content.