When you’re trying to explain yourself or when you’re working on a project, redundancy is unnecessary and can actually be detrimental. However, when you have a business that depends on a reliable internet which cannot afford for anything to go wrong or any communications to break down, network redundancy is not only important, it is essential. So, what exactly is network redundancy in business and how does it help you build resiliency for your business? And secondly, what is resiliency and how does it differ from redundancy? 

In its simplest form, network redundancy refers to always having a backup network so that if your primary network goes down rendering it unavailable, your business will not suffer.  In the best redundant networks, you won’t even notice any difference when there is an issue. Business continues to function as it always has, revenue and customer service is not impacted, and you, your customers, and your employees don’t notice any interruptions.  

Network redundancy is a way of providing multiple paths for traffic so that data can keep flowing even in the event of a failure. Think of when you’ve been in a traffic jam due to a highway accident. Vehicles are at a complete standstill and have no options other than to sit and wait, with the exception of those cars that are close enough to an exit. Network redundancy is like the access road, providing an alternate route. If one device fails, another can automatically take over, decreasing the likelihood that a major issue will cripple the network. Examples of redundancy include additional hardware equipment, enhanced software, and a reliable ISP that offers both of these options.  

Resiliency is the network’s ability to self-recover from problems and maintain service dependability when issues arise. To be resilient, a system must be able to look ahead to forecast potential problems, figure out where the problems are in the system, and recover from issues that arise. The best ISPs offer business owners a synergistic relationship where resiliency and redundancy work hand in hand ensuring the greatest reliability possible, exactly what you and your business need. With Fision Work by Hotwire Communications, we understand the importance of redundancy and resiliency to businesses. Even short outages can mean the difference between a stable network and the inability to serve your customers. And when it comes to business, if you don’t service your customers well, someone else will.