Hotwire Communications is thrilled to have two of its executive leaders recognized as honorees for Cablefax’s 2023 Most Powerful Women awards. This award acknowledges outstanding leaders in the media and broadband space, celebrating their visionary contributions that redefine industry standards and inspire future generations. 

Hotwire Communications’ Co-founder and CEO Kristin Johnson is recognized for her steadfast determination and dedication to digital empowerment, leading the company’s national market expansion. Beyond business growth, Kristin spearheads initiatives to provide internet access and digital literacy to underserved communities. Her innovative, strategic leadership strengthens Hotwire’s market presence and underscores her commitment to driving industry-wide advancements in connectivity. 

A trailblazer for women in tech, Mandy Esposito, EVP of Operations and Customer Experience, revolutionized customer communication through innovative strategies and internal systems. Her pioneering multi-year project focused on automation to elevate team efficiency and position Hotwire for substantial growth, while significantly reducing the company’s carbon footprint. 

The Cablefax recognition affirms the pivotal role Hotwire Communications, and its leaders play in shaping the trajectory of the industry and driving the company towards continued success.