The last time you went to the supermarket, did you happen to stop by the aisle full of salad dressings? How about the aisle for sliced bread? Did you notice or even think about just how many different options you have to choose from while you were there? Everyone has their favorites, but it’s really quite surprising when you take a moment to step back and realize just how many options you have in an already crowded supermarket. Dozens of choices exist, and the consumer must make one before they head into the next aisle. So how do you ensure that choice is going to be you? By creating a brand identity! 


The reason consumers return to their favorites time and again is because of how the business has established their brand in their industry. When products are of a certain quality or reputation, that information plays a pivotal role in the back of their mind when ultimately deciding which product to select. Personal recommendations and established levels of quality can make any product or service stand out in a crowded field. Time and again people will choose something that’s familiar and comes with a reasonable expectation of quality over a flashy label or trendy concept. Earning that brand trust is reasonably difficult, but once you’re established, the odds of repeat business grows exponentially.  


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