As Hotwire Communications continues to experience rapid and record growth, new product developments, and footprint expansion into new markets throughout the United States, the South Florida-based telecommunications company and Internet Service Provider welcomes Wayne Thompson as its newest technology leader, in the role of Executive Vice President of Technology, Product, and Service Delivery.

Wayne is a welcome addition to the diverse technical team behind Hotwire Communications’ various technologies, with almost three decades of relevant industry experience in telecommunications and engineering. Ever the innovator, Wayne is a technical engineering expert who brings with him a belief in the constant evolution of technology to provide the end-user with the most advanced network designs and product experiences possible. Under Mr. Thompson’s leadership, Hotwire Communications will continue to improve its service offerings, including new product developments, network optimization, and breakthrough IT & engineering solutions.

“What really drew me to Hotwire Communications was not only their commitment to innovation, but their dedication to their products and their customers,” said Mr. Thompson. “With a robust, fully fiber optic network infrastructure, Hotwire offers multi-gigabit services to residential customers today. And that’s incredible! That kind of position in telecommunications is unparalleled, and primes us to take on some of the most advanced network services and innovations, enabling us to support not just our own customers, but the greater community. I couldn’t be more excited to join this truly unique company.”

“Whenever we look at a new service or product offering, we ask ourselves, ‘What’s the best version of this?’ or ‘How can we find a unique way to make a familiar concept better?’”, added Kristin Johnson, CEO & Co-founder of Hotwire Communications. “Wayne embodies that spirit of ingenuity with every idea he brings to the table, finding new ways to improve our already robust network. With his addition to the team, we’re ready to take Hotwire Communications, and the rest of the country, to the next level, with our next products and network deployments. We can’t wait to share these new developments with you all over the coming months.”