If you’re unfamiliar with the world of advertising, there are some words you may encounter that might not seem to make sense with what we use them to mean. So, in continuing to share our knowledge base with all of you, here are a few more words in the advertising lexicon that you’ll hear from us when you schedule your consultation ([email protected])!

Reach – The desired impact of any piece of advertising. Reach determines how far your marketing collateral has gone and just how many people have been “reached” by the piece.

Frequency – How often you are seeing an advertisement on any given medium. This includes physical or digital presentations of the ad.

Linear – Television Commercials! The simplest way to describe what you see on your television any time the programming takes a scheduled commercial break. Linear is the most standard form of traditional television advertising.

Daypart – A section of the day when a linear advertisement will run. Dayparts are broken down into 24 hours standard time, and will be part of the selection process when creating your ad schedule.

Be on the lookout for part 3!