What makes Hotwire different?

As all the advancements in communications technology continue to accelerate at almost dizzying speeds, business requirements need to keep up. High capacity servers, video streaming needs and devices such as smartphones, tablets, and 4K TVs all require increasing capacity. More and more businesses are finding out that the traditional mass-market service providers are struggling to keep up.


Many have considered fiber optics to be unattainable, too expensive, or simply not needed for their business. At one time Gigabit internet (up to 1,000 Megabits per second) was considered overkill.  Those days are long gone. Here at Hotwire Communications we’ve been preparing for this high bandwidth future. We’ve had a 100% fiber optic network from day one. Now we invite you to make use of our strategic investments and our customized network design to enhance your business.


Fision® Work is not one size fits all. 

We’ll customize Fision® Work based on your requirements.  Our Metro Ethernet services allow you to stay connected on your own network without interruption from outside users with speeds up to 10 Gig. Hotwire also offers hosted PBX services with local and long distance service, including find me and follow me functionality with a browser-based portal.   Additional options include web-based faxing and an SIP trunking solution that eliminates the need for expensive phone cards and equipment. We also offer colocation data services in an infrastructure-hardened facility with secure point-to-point connectivity.


Of course Fision® Work includes our Fision TV service that provides local broadcast networks, news, weather and much more.  We also provide a number of security options including video surveillance, alarms and monitoring in addition to security control that includes a robust access control option.


Become a Fision® Work Business. 

Connect to the what’s next with our 100% fiber network with no interference, no bottlenecks, and speed that’s scalable as your needs dictate.  Let Hotwire Communications future proof your business with a robust and customizable ultra high bandwidth solution.