What’s the next big thing in guest telecommunications services?

Hotwire Communications is revolutionizing the guest experience with Fision Stay, our next generation of telecommunications services for hotels. Fision Stay runs on our own privately operated Fiber Optic Network that provides best of breed capabilities for your guests.

At the center of the Stay experience is Fision Echo, an interface with unique features your guests will just love like Instant Channel Change. Hotwire’s ultra high-speed fiber network allows unltrawide transmission bandwidth, insuring that get guests experience no annoying delay between channels. This wide bandwidth also gives your guests a “video time machine.”   We call it Replay TV—allowing guests to re-start programs from up to seven hours ago. Any show in the program guide can be rewound with a simple, on screen interface.

Picture in Picture allows your guests to see what else is on while watching their current channel. The Interactive Programming guide is perfect for guests on long stays.  It displays current programming up to 11 days in the future.  Echo also has a vast library of thousands of titles that can all be accessed from our intuitive Video on Demand interface.  Many of your guests now bring their own personal content with them.  Now there’s a simple way to view them on the road, with EchoCast-capable of displaying video from phones, tablets, and laptops.

Are there features beyond entertainment?

These entertainment features are just the beginning.  To further enrich your guest’s stay, Echo also includes new hospitality features:  Guests can check their flight status at up to three airports.  Room service can be ordered from Guest TV.

Guests can send maintenance requests right to the front desk as well as make housekeeping requests for the inevitable extra pillows, bed sheets or other amenities.  You can also create customizable templates in the Admin Portal to display local restaurant and attractions information.  There’s even an Online Compendium where guests can view all hotel amenities from guest TV.  When it’s check out time your guests can view their folio and check out right from the TV.

Of course Echo has all the admin tools you’ll ever need, including guest tracking, message prioritization, and customized reports for all of Echo’s services.  We’ve designed interfaces for all the top PMS and POS providers to insure easy integration with your current and future systems.  Most important…we’re a full service provider—not a reseller.  We provide services from our own backbone located in our new Fort Lauderdale Headquarters.

Become a Fision® Stay Hotel         

Hotwire’s been at the forefront of the fiber revolution with our Home, Stay, U, and Encore brands.  We’ve been delivering fiber-based solutions to hospitals, hotels, colleges and communities.

Let us deliver a customized future proof solution for you. . . . and your guests.