South Florida-based telecommunications company and Internet Service Provider (ISP) Hotwire Communications continues its commitment to innovation by introducing Fision Multi-Media Advertising Solutions, a state-of-the-art advertising solution offering a multi-platform strategy for brands seeking to reach highly-desirable, engaged, and affluent audiences.

With Fision Multi-Media Advertising Solutions, Hotwire leverages its established presence in over 700 communities throughout Florida and offers it up to local businesses, commercial investors, and entrepreneurs to craft tailor-made advertising strategies, using first-party audience data to boost brand visibility and increase overall conversions.

Utilizing hyperlocal targeting strategies, Hotwire extends its reach across all devices in households within the Miami-Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, and Ft. Myers-Naples designated market areas (DMAs). Most of these homes are equipped with high-end luxury tech, each having an average of three television sets and more than four mobile devices, providing unique opportunities for brand exposure and recognition across multiple platforms.

Primary participants in the new advertising initiative, such as Realty Mogul CEO Jilliene Helman, described their experience with the company as successful. Realizing the specialized ability to hyper-target our high-net worth clientele has similar business owners and advertisers shying away from mainstream TV advertising, because they do not have a mass-market product.

With Hotwire’s multi-media solutions, Realty Mogul was able to hone into South Florida’s exclusive retail market for the first time by targeting their ads. The results have been transformative, and inquiries are easily tracked back to Hotwire properties. 

“With a record number of people working from home, and businesses relocating to Florida’s emerging TechGateway and Gulf Coast, the time has never been better to engage in a new, more focused market,” said Kelly Frye, Director of Fision Multi-Media Ad Solutions. “Our device agnostic advertising solution can help businesses find new ways to reach an otherwise untapped audience full of potential. And when the right message is delivered to the right person consistently, that’s when your brand will experience the true power of our Fision Fiber Optics network.”

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level with Hotwire Communications, please direct all business inquiries to [email protected] or call 954-302-1934.