At Hotwire Communications, we strive to empower our customers through innovative new services and the latest in cutting-edge technology, such as Virtual Visits that allow for contactless technician services, or Augmented Reality tools that enable customers to troubleshoot issues on their own and self-install even the most complex devices. Thank you to Broadband Communities for recognizing our role in leading the way to “Building a Fiber-Connected World.”

“In selecting the FTTH Top 100, the editors looked for organizations that advance the cause of fiber-based broadband by:

• Deploying networks that are large or ambitious, have innovative business plans, or are intended to transform local economies or improve communities’ quality of life
• Supplying key hardware, software or services to deployers
• Introducing innovative technologies with game-changing potential, even if they have not yet been commercially deployed
• Providing key conditions for fiber builds, such as advocacy or demand aggregation”

Broadband Communities Magazine

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