At the forefront of utilizing the latest technological advancements to provide innovative solutions and strategies to customers, Hotwire Communications is proudly introducing its new advertising service, Fision Multi-Media Advertising Solutions.

The ultra-targeted and device agnostic advertising model will be led by Kelly Frye, the company’s Multi-Media Advertising Director. Ms. Frye brings over 16 years of experience in sales and diversified marketing solutions for multimedia to this undertaking, providing South Florida’s local businesses with a new and invaluable way to reach customers.

With a reach spanning the Miami-Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, and Ft. Myers-Naples designated market areas, Hotwire’s Fision Multimedia Advertising Solutions is capable of delivering targeted content directly to Hotwire Communications’ entire network of Fision subscribers, spanning over 700 communities and over 200,000 units served, with an audience comprised of hyperconnected, tech-savvy spenders.

Utilizing Hotwire’s network technology, unique capabilities, and first-party data, Fision Multi-Media Advertising Solutions is capable of ultra-granular ad placement and tailored campaigns to businesses’ most coveted customer; those with high disposable income. The technology offered by the well-established IPTV and Internet Service provider ensures that the exact person who business owners are looking to reach is identified by programming type, viewing behaviors, and pinpointed geographic locations, are targeted across multiple platforms including TV, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets.

Additionally, Hotwire’s direct relationship with the customers provides insightful customer impressions and delivery statistics for every campaign, providing businesses with an impactful and cost-effective to power their brand like never before.

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level with Hotwire Communications, please direct all business inquires to [email protected] or call 954-302-1934.

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