Hotwire Communications is expanding the way it delivers its personalized, white glove customer service, launching a new series of interactive “Fision Essentials” virtual Education Classes. These classes, hosted by Fision Educator Emmet Frank, provide customers with an educational and personal way to receive product overviews, hands-on training, and tutorials for the services and devices they use most, complete with Q&A sessions and the opportunity to receive one-on-one help.

This is just the most recent effort launched by Hotwire in response to a growing number of customers who want to learn how to better use and understand their products and services, but who still don’t feel comfortable in a group setting and would prefer contactless, virtual customer service options, following an emphasis on tools that support contactless billing, self-installations, and auto-bill paying.

Through the Fision Essentials series, Hotwire’s customers receive a concierge level of service from the comfort of their living room. With a professional, multi-camera setup allowing viewers to see both Emmet and the equipment he’s providing tutorials for, these virtual classes are the perfect alternative to the in-home technician visits and face-to-face appointments Hotwire Communications traditionally provides to assist customers with all their Fision needs.

As the son of the locally well-known Rabbi Frank of the All Peoples Synagogue, Emmet is no stranger to public speaking or connecting with others, with a knack for making those he’s speaking to feel right at home. Emmet understands that struggling with learning a new technology can be frustrating, and some customers may feel hesitant to ask the questions they need answers to. His goal is to create a warm and friendly environment that makes each customer feel comfortable, and as a result, no question is too simple or too in-depth for him to handle.

Whether customers want to know how to sign up for streaming services and log into their accounts, learn how to use their Fision TV voice-activated remote, self-install another set-top box, or explore features such as Replay TV, allowing them to rewind select programs up to 48 hours after airing, Emmet is fully prepared to walk customers through the process step-by-step.

Since each of the virtual classes Emmet hosts is filmed, customers have the opportunity to review the entire seminar after it’s finished, or return to specific sections later if they need a quick refresher on a topic, meaning they have on demand access to this innovative new resource anytime, anywhere.

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