Hotwire Communications is honored to announce that three of the company’s leading executives are once again being recognized by Cablefax in the 2022 Edition of the publication’s annual Top 100 rankings. The honorees are Kristin Johnson, Hotwire’s President, CEO & Co-founder, Mandy Esposito, who served as Senior Vice President of Operations, and Johnathan Bullock, the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development & Government, all of whom won in the Operations Leaders category.

The Cablefax 100 Power Players ranking recognizes the cable industry’s most exceptional, influential, and forward-thinking executives who have set industry-wide standards for excellence and innovation through their leadership, entrepreneurship, and commitment to serving their local communities. All three of Hotwire’s award recipients were honored with this incredible distinction last year.

With a dedication to providing a world-class, white-glove customer service experience, as well as a mission statement to innovate and utilize technology and experience to better the communities the company serves, this honorable recognition once again highlights the unrivaled and unwavering commitment of Hotwire Communications and its employees within the industry.

Over the course of the last year, Kristin Johnson’s adept leadership has been critical in enabling Hotwire Communications to navigate through an ever-changing business landscape. While other businesses have struggled to survive the unpredictable conditions left in the wake of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Hotwire Communications has thrived, growing a remarkable 30% in 2020, and sustaining that growth at a comparable rate throughout 2021. This sustained period of growth has enabled Hotwire Communications to continue delivering high-quality Internet, IPTV, Voice, and Home Security products to a growing number of customers in existing markets, all the while maintaining the company’s emphasis on providing an unparalleled white glove customer service experience.

With a passion for empowering underserved communities through technology and digital literacy, Jonathan Bullock has dedicated much of the past year to utilizing Hotwire Communications’ resources and collective expertise to pursue company initiatives that focus on communities that have been separated from opportunities by a growing digital divide through Hotwire’s Empowering Communities Foundation.

Hotwire’s growing reputation as one of the leading providers of Fiber-to-the-Home telecommunications services in the United States has also been acknowledged outside of the most recent Cablefax 100 Power Players rankings, most notably resulting in a substantial investment deal with Blackstone Tactical Opportunities and Blackstone Infrastructure Partners in April 2021. This deal plays a significant role in Kristin’s plans to scale Hotwire Communications, enabling the company to expand into new market areas, reaching prominent communities in states such as Nevada and California.

“We are each so incredibly honored to once again be recognize by Cablefax,” said Kristin Johnson. “This recognition highlights not only the commitment of the three of us to Hotwire and its mission, but is a true testament to the exceptional team that has been built around us. Our company has consistently grown and evolved throughout each year because of the unmatched talent and passion of our employees.”