When you’re investing money in any kind of advertising, and this case specifically in digital advertising solutions, your investment is turned into ads, but do you know WHO you’re reaching with these ads?

In most cases, typical digital advertising relies on third-party data but as platform tech does more and more of the work, the more inefficient and flawed this approach is. Think about it, standard platform tools are much more advanced, and they are as available to competitors as they are to you. These platform tools are artificially intelligent, and increasingly they’re automating campaign management. So what ends up happening is that both the targeting and measurement of your campaigns are fuzzy, therefore, performance is failing and it’s not as efficient or effective as you’d wish it to be.

In 2021, third-party data information is no match for first-party data. Understanding your consumer has to go beyond age and location.  Collected and compiled information that demonstrates behavioral patterns, purchase history and reactions to ads will help you cater to interests you share with your intended customer. 

What we offer with our fiber-based technology and business solutions is having first-party data access so you have a more confident approach by accurately targeting your message. With Fision Multi-Media Advertising Solutions, we can help solve your ad-waste by identifying customer behavior and lifetime value predictions and use them in campaign optimization, so you have the confidence of knowing who you’re reaching.

First-party data is king, and we’re not saying it’s the ultimate solution for all digital advertising, but it should be used in combination with third-party data to help contribute to measurement, and provide competitive performance.

If you’re ready to power your brand and get rid of ad-waste, contact us today to reach a reliable first-party data audience with high disposable income.

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