Every single day we hear about the latest and greatest technology advancements.  It seems not a minute goes by without some new technological marvel making headlines for impacting and improving our daily lives. We take many of these advancements for granted but do we really know the background to what they are and what they can do for us?  

A great deal has been written about IoT but while we all use the technologies enabled by IoT, many people do not know exactly what IoT is or its uses and applications.  

IoT stands for Internet of Things, meaning the way the internet interacts and engages with objects we use everyday. Perhaps your electric toothbrush has an app to track your daily brushing habits or you wear a smart watch fitness tracker tells you how many steps you’ve taken, the number of calories you’ve burned, or even how well you’ve slept.  The information these objects transmit to and from the internet helps improve the quality of our lives providing us with data to make better, more informed decisions.  When your smart tv suggests shows or movies you might enjoy, it has learned about your preferences based on your past behaviors.  The goal of making these suggestions is to provide a customized experience saving you time and helping you uncover possibilities you may not have found on your own.  

5G Technology 

Recently, much has been written about 5G technology which simply refers to 5th Generation technology.  When mobile networks began, that was the very first generation.  The new advances and improvements to mobile networks get renamed each time with the “generation” that they are.  Currently, mobile technology is on the 5th generation, 5G for short.  

Previous generations of mobile networks used enormous amounts of power and huge towers to transmit signals over long distances. 5G, however uses smaller micro-cells in addition to macro-cell towers and a combination of high frequencies from multiple bands to accomplish its tremendous speed and reach for maximum coverage. Using 5G means speeds can be up to 100x faster than earlier generations! Specifically for streaming, 5G users will experience smoother, richer video streaming, more immersive virtual reality when playing games and when using interactive features, and far superior communication possibilities. 

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