Seeing is believing and if social media has taught us anything, it’s that we are a visually driven people. Watching an inspiring dance move can get us to jump up off the couch. Seeing a cute kitten cuddle up next to a sleeping puppy can make our eyes swell as we say “Aww” and feel all warm and tingly inside. Whenever we watch anything, we are instantly engaging in this emotional dance. Our inner narrative is processing the outer stimuli and determining a response based on the information given. But how does what we see do that? How does the kitten puppy cuddle make our hearts fill with emotion? The answer is visual storytelling. 

In advertising and marketing, there is a psychological aspect of any promotion that must be addressed if you wish to make your campaign a success. Finding those visual elements and utilizing them to their fullest extent creates that emotional response in those watching. Compelling characters, comical situations, direct facts or direct appeals can all be elements of a visual narrative. These can come together in the form of short videos, social media posts, or entire full length marketing campaigns that are designed to create small impressions over time that eventually result in audience conversion.  

Our video production team has the skill and experience to hit these emotional markers for you! Whether you have an idea of what kind of response you’d like your brand or product to evoke, or you need full guidance in this arena, let the Fision Ad Solutions team provide you with the skills and strategy to drive revenue and bring success to your business! Ready to get started? Email us at [email protected] or call 954-302-1934.