This review is for Mr. Rubi Gonzelez and not necessarily Hotwire Communication and their service. I knew Rubi when he was the “Launch Manager” at Eastpointe Country Club 6 months ago…. no easy task with 800 members. He was always helpful, professional, and knowledgeable to many residents and myself who were having a difficult transition from switching their services. He personally helped me with billing issues, and always followed up. However, due to Covid, their office here is closed, and he and his team I’m sure are missed. Now, you have to make a phone call, which isn’t always easy. I do on-line banking, but inadvertently had the wrong account number, and I was told only the manager could resolve this. To my joy, I discovered Rubi was promoted to “Account Manager”, and with great relief, he resolved my dilemma in less than an hour. It is no wonder that he is now manager for 12 Clubs in the area. Keep up the good work.
Thank you. M. Hacker
Marleen H.

YELP| July 6, 2020

Doran is an excellent technician who cares about his customers. He is an expert in his field with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Would recommend him to everyone!
Molly M.

YELP | July 7, 2020

Hotwire Communications sent tech’s Horace Manning and Eder Correa to run a tv cable in our kitchen. These two tech’s made an awesome job. We are seniors and God bless their heart as they finished putting up on the wall the tv as the drill we had was not good enough. Also they wore masks and kept distance, clean job and very respectful. Great workers who go the extra mile. God bless them.
Lissette M.

YELP | July 7, 2020

Over and above customer service! I am a HotWire customer from my current community, but this issue was in my mom’s community, another HotWire serviced community. She went ahead and ported her home phone number to a different provider, due to the port, there was an issue at her gate phone in dialing her number. I was able to reach out to my representative – Kerline Kongal – Account Manager, and her Area Manager – David Trischetti, to work through the issue. I have to say with the multiple emails and testing, and also working to involve the HOA management & Gate vendor, it was great have the back and forth communication via email and phone calls, even during off hours! HotWire was the most responsive and the best part was being able to work with their technical resource Noc Agent – Andres Rosales who helped test with me and work to figure out where the issue may be. At the end with shared teamwork between the different partners, but led by HotWire, we were able to resolve our issue. It is nice to have a company like HotWire where can you can actually talk and work with local representatives and have that small company feel, even though they are a larger company. Kerline has also helped me in the past with other technical issues and she has gone over and above her responsibilities for me!
Marco J.

GOOGLE| July 2, 2020

Our Hotwire representative, Cody Cunning, just handled a situation for us with one of our residents in the manner in which he always does, which is efficiently, fast and thorough. Cody’s response time has not wavered during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. He continues to provide excellent support for our Clubhouse and residents. He is both professional and courteous at all times. Thank you Cody for all you do for Boca /Delray.

Office Manager in Boca Raton

YELP | July 2, 2020

Doran was on time and we had a couple of texts to let us know when to expect him. We had a blockage with signal in he apartment and he took care of it patiently as well as tested it multiple times to ensure everything worked smoothly.
Great work!
Athar K.

GOOGLE | July 6, 2020

Serena: You have renewed my faith in Hotwire Communications. Unfortunately they need 20 more Serena’s to satisfy the problems that exist because of Covid 19. I want to thank you again for your assistance in getting my voicemail repaired and setting up a service call for tomorrow. It is greatly appreciated. Stay safe Cheers,
Steven S.

GOOGLE | July 6, 2020

Patrick Gearty provided us with excellent customer service during our service installation. He arrived at the stated appointment time, was courteous and professional, wore a face covering, and did a thorough job.
Robert K.

GOOGLE | July 5, 2020

Doran Willis provided the best installation experience I have ever had. He was so friendly, professional, and informative! He taught me how to use the new routing technology and it was actually a fun experience.. which never happens when it comes to ISP companies! He answered all of my questions and the internet and cable have been up and running with no issues for the past week. Look forward to continuing to use this service.

Dani J.

GOOGLE | July 5, 2020

I had a wonderful experience because Marlena was so dedicated to solving my issue, she stayed working on it last night from 5:41 pm when I contacted Hotwire until this morning at 9:04 am when the problem was solved! She PERSONALLY took on the problem as though it was her own, and had a sense of urgency to solve it that is very rare, but that the best customer service professionals demonstrate. She spent her time reaching out to her peers last night and then contacting account managers and team leaders to get it resolved this morning. She kept reaching out to me and asked if/when she could call me or communicate with me to update me- HOW FANTASTIC!!!! Her dedication, professionalism, knowledge and internal contacts and relationships all together made the difference!
I wish to thank her and would love it if her leadership would recognize her as a stellar employee who went above and beyond to make a customer happy ! Thank you  Marlena and HOTWIRE! So glad our association has chosen you!


YELP | July 2, 2020

Overall a good experience of 2 years with Hotwire. Had a pretty big problem when the condo building re-negotiated their contract and all of our billing was absolutely gutted and changed. At first, I had trouble explaining to their phone reps what I wanted to change, however their service has gotten better. Most importantly it was a pleasure to speak with Jackie and handle disconnection at the end of my lease!
Samuel R.

GOOGLE | June 30, 2020

I was having an issue with my phone system that I could not get resolved, I reached out to Cody Cummings our account manager and had an immediate response from him. he was very helpful with my situation and followed up several times.  GREAT customer service!!

Kathy K.

YELP | July 2, 2020

Had to share my experience. Moved into house I purchased with fiancé who works from home and five year old who was really bored from hour one during the moving process. Called Hotwire and couldn’t get an appointment until July 6th. Spoke to my community representative Leanne Linares and she worked some magic and ta-da we had a service tech next day who was very pleasant and we were up and running. Great service and attention. Thank you so much.
Chancleta MIA.

GOOGLE| July 1, 2020

Doran was great. Quick, very professional, and thorough in introducing the new cable and WiFi systems.
David N.

YELP | July 1, 2020

Thony Louis was my customer service representative today. He was professional, courteous knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

Beth M.

YELP | June 29, 2020

I had an issue where I was billed for equipment I had actually returned. (I have the receipt,) I was getting nowhere until I called and spoke with Ella. “Ella Morillo * Account Manager … She advised me she would take care of the matter and she did. It took a few days,but she kept me informed by email every step of the way. In my opinion, she is an outstanding example of what customer service should be. Just thought you should know. 

John L.

YELP | June 29, 2020

Today I had the BEST customer service I think I may have ever experienced. Ella Morillo was not only lovely, professional, helpful and patient, but she was incredibly empathetic to my situation and took a GREAT amount of energy and personal attention to solve my billing issue. She went over everything with me clearly and patiently. Although there was an error on Hotwire’s behalf, she handled everything perfectly. Ella is the reason I want to be a lifelong Hotwire communications customer.

Kristen G.

YELP | June 29, 2020

If I was still in business, I would hire Ronald, Scott and especially Harrison to be with in the business. All of my complaints were set first in motion by Ronnie, who placed my complaint with Scott , who delegated it to Harrison in a matter of 3 hours. You can’t complain by anyone that kind of service by a 85 year old with poor eyesight

Harvey M.

YELP | June 27, 2020

Raymond arrived in a timely fashion and at the front door presented himself in a cordial and professional manner. I described the issues we were experiencing, he asked a few poignant questions, explained where he thought the problems might originate, then offered potential solutions to get the system up and operating correctly. I showed him were the equipment was located and he went right to work. It was immediately apparent he is knowledgeable about networks and hardware. More  importantly, he has the affable confident demeanor to explain the technology involved and make it understandable; even to a dummy like myself. He did a comprehensive diagnostic, replaced a component, and had everything back to spec within an hour. Where his enthusiasm and dedication really shined, was how he spent his remaining time here showing me how to improve the performance of the equipment we presently have and how a few purchases and downloads would make things even better. It was a pleasure having him in our home and though he spent an inordinate amount of time here, he was not milking the clock, but keeping an old man informed and entertained. Raymond is not only a competent IT tech, but also a great ‘Good Will Ambassador’ for Hotwire and in future, should the need arise, he is always welcome back.

James D.

YELP| June 27, 2020

Today I spoke to one of the loveliest professional intelligent person representing Hotwire. Her name is GINTARE KRUPAVICIUTE. As a resident of Huntington Lakes, she went over everything with me clearly and patiently. Thought you should know. 

Patricia R.

GOOGLE | June 26, 2020

Since I have been with Hotwire I have had NO phone service in my bedroom and the room next to it… Today Derek Wright found the problem…My phones are now up and working!  Not only was Derek so competent, he was polite and personable. I would suggest that you keep an eye on him. He could go far in your company.

Suzanne B. | President
Sportsworks Studio LLC

EMAIL | June 25, 2020

I want to take a momont to recognize the excellent service I received from two representatives from your company.  My community, Tributary, in Douglasville, GA recently switched over to fiber service.  The pre-existing wifi service wasn’t good and we relied on Dish for TV service.  My home was one of the first homes to receive the new service and service was top notch.   Kerry promptly contacted me, scheduled installation and sent followup info via email.   Maurice followed up to ensure everything went according to plan.   I truly appreciate great customer service and am very happy with the speed of the internet and tv options.  Five stars! 

Vincent H.

EMAIL | June 25, 2020

I am the president of Sutton Place Condominium in Palm Beach. I was instrumental in getting Hotwire installed here. Yesterday your system went down and I tried to reboot before you sent your email out telling people not to do that. That resulted in a box failure. 

After spending some time waiting for a response on your trouble line, I called Cody Cunning personally. Firstly, he answered his phone immediately. After attempting to do a reset that didn’t work, he arranged for a service call which was then canceled unbeknownst to him. When I recontacted him, he asked for some time to look into it. Oh, by the way, the person who canceled my call said that when the problem was fixed, everything would automatically return to normal. 

Well, Cody called me about 1 1/2 hours later, telling me the problem had been resolved. My tv was still not working, but another reset did the trick. If not for him, and his persistence, I would have had no tv until your email this morning. 

I very much appreciate his dedication. 

Fred S.

EMAIL | June 26, 2020

I want to share with you a good experience that we had with Luke Gibbs from Hotwire. Luke has responded to our home several times to address issues with Hotwire. Each time Luke has been in our home, the experience has been positive. The last time Luke responded, he was extremely helpful in answering the many questions we had in regard to our system and in  explaining available options. Luke possesses the technical skills and wireless technology expertise to resolve our issues. Luke is trustworthy and customer oriented. He paid attention to what we needed and offered workable solutions. Luke did not treat us as just another customer … he genuinely wanted to assist us. Unlike other technicians, Luke communicated with us effectively and provided the information we need about the products Hotwire installed, about equipment usage, and features.

Luke is always positive and courteous. Further, as a homeowner, we appreciate the same technician attending to our needs as compared to different technicians rotating in and out of our home. We recommend Luke wholeheartedly without reservation. Hotwire, The Reserve, and its homeowners are the benefactors of Luke’s expertise.

Susan B.

EMAIL | June 24, 2020

I have a company called Zeekhelp that serves comercial businesses in the South Florida Tri-County Area. Hotwire is one of about 4 potential providers of commercial services for my clients. The ones that have Hotwire have the very best comercial services. Hotwire was recently featured in PS Magazine as the fastest Comercial Service Provider in the US. Additionally, they have people like Carl Lender and Michael HoShue that are always available to me and my clients. Simply the best service and customer service too!

Isaac D.

Google | June 23, 2020

Sabal Shores has been in business with Hotwire Communications Technology for about 4 years.  Our Account Manager, Kerline Kongal and tech person Akeem Guerin have been very helpful and giving us exceptional customer service to the association and to our owners.  

They are constantly in touch with us making sure the equipment is working and no issues are pending.  We are very happy with their service and highly recommend them to any company.

Lisa E. | Property Manager Sabal Shores

YELP | June 23, 2020

As a developer rep, I’ve worked with Hotwire to install the infrastructure for future service. They have always done an excellent Job in both commercial and residential and recommend them.

Israel K.

YELP | June 23, 2020

I had several issues with my billing and have been so frustrated with the constant run around. Thankfully after several attempts, I was able to get in contact with account manager Kerline Kongal. She was beyond amazing–she reviewed my account and was able to issue me a credit. She also followed up with me the next day to make sure credit had posted. I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and for all her help!

Samantha H.

YELP | June 19, 2020

Cheri Lowe-Hardy Is the service representative for my development and personally helps the residents with cable/phone issue. I found her professional and personable who is willing to help with any problem.


YELP | June 19, 2020

Just wanted to give an employee a compliment. I called yesterday into customer service and spoke with Miguel Porras. He went above and beyond estimate theses trying times. With everything going on in the world today it was nice to get someone on the phone showing true compassion. I called in expressing due to COVID that I needed to downsize my television package. He went over all options and wasn’t pushy and trying to sell me other plans. He listened and understood. For that I was thankful. Awesome and professional which is hard to find theses days. Thank you Miguel!

James G.

FACEBOOK | June 19, 2020

Kerline Kongal, the representative for Hotwire at Overlook Condo, was extremely helpful, very responsive to all e-mails and/or phone calls. She work at correcting the issue  and stayed with it until it was complete. Her communications with us were timely, keeping us well informed at all times as to how the issue was progressing.

Heidi E.

YELP | June 19, 2020

With all the times I called previous cable company service departments, I was treated impersonally, nastily, with indiscernible English speakers, and lack of knowledge to solve my problem. My community switched entirely to Hotwire. My service call was greeted by Crystal. Wow! What a difference. She was kind in voice,understanding, and took my problem and treated it as if it was her problem. She was efficient, caring and even gave me a follow up call to make sure that everything went well and to my satisfaction. That is service. Her field techs were, clean, on time and wonderfully efficient. Finally, a company with remarkable service.

Marty S.

YELP | June 19, 2020

What can I say except that Hotwire and the people they have working for them are terrific. Thank you for sending Serena my way. She told me she works with Mariano our regular account manager and she went beyond what anyone could expect. She stayed on the phone with me and the tech who was working on the problem for almost one hour and it wasn’t an easy fix but they kept trying and were successful in the end.
I thank you for having people like Serena working for Hotwire and for always taking care of my problems. Serena is an asset to your company.

Eileen K.

YELP | June 23, 2020

After waiting on the ‘phone for nearly 30 minutes for Hotwire Call Center I sent an email in my frustration to Frank Urquizo advising I had a TV problem at Olde Cypress. Even though it was a Friday night when he was likely off duty, he ‘phoned within minutes and promised to get back to me with a solution. He kept his word and emailed me 9:30pm saying that a Tech would be here latest early monday but that he was hoping to get someone Saturday morning. 7:45am on Saturday a Technician arrived and within a very short time found the fault and rectified it. Frank Urquizo went above and beyond expectations and really enhanced the Hotwire Brand . Thank you Frank.

Nicholas & Dorothy W.

GOOGLE| June 20, 2020

Fernando from Hotwire was right there with us again. Tonight with our video outage and last Saturday with our phone outage . Always polite and ready to help. You deserve kudos and a raise. Roberta Levitt- Moccia HOA President San Marco

Roberta L. | HOA President San Marco

GOOGLE | June 19, 2020

Been having lots of issues w tv. At first I was not happy as it was taking 45 minutes to get thru. However my rep Cody cunning helped me and Chandra. Adrian came and fixed the problem and also helped secure an appt a few days later w an experienced tech for additional install to help w other issues. Mario was great also. Came and fixed all the issues and was a wealth of info. Thank you Cody and Adrian and Mario. I appreciate your help in resolving

Karen K.

YELP| June 19, 2020

MARLENE IS THE BEST! Had an issue with my cable and internet not working and she contacted me right away to get the problem fixed and went out of her way to follow up with me and made sure everything was handled and back up and running. Excellent customer service. Thank you!!!

Jennifer M.

GOOGLE| June 18, 2020

Today, Account Manager SWFL, Frank Urquizo, made my day if not made my last three months. He was able to resolve an account statement issue in literally no time. Frank was courteous, open minded to resolve my issue and ultimately, resourceful to email me my statements. He is professional over the phone and sensitive to resolving issues in a succinct and swift manner. Watch out upper management! Frank is a leader in the making and bound for more successes!

Leo C.

GOOGLE | June 18, 2020

Just wanted to say Thank You and to let you know I was very impressed. First of all, you (Lauren Craig) responded immediately and arranged a tech in less than 24 hours. Today a lovely woman came, right on time.  She was friendly but very professional. Did her job and then asked that I check to make sure everything was working properly.  She was a real Pro. Just wanted to let you know I felt the service was excellent — People love to complain, I simply wanted to say a big Thank You

Lynnda M.

EMAIL | June 18, 2020

Crystal has provided the best service I have had from any service company. She is always cheerful and friendly. She always takes time to understand my issue. She tells me how she is going to solve the problem and then, without fail, promptly solves the problem. She walks the extra mile to get the job done to my full satisfaction. And, unlike any other customer service rep, she calls back to make sure the job was done right and on time. Over the years I have had three major communications vendors and Crystal wrote the book on customer support that the other two vendors should have read.

Jim P.

GOOGLE| June 16, 2020

Very quick WiFi set up and on time. Also I was given a clear explanation on everything I would need to know regarding my internet connection.

Libia A.

YELP| June 12, 2020

Extremely helpful with service and tech support. helped with install of eero wifi router and set up Kerline Kongal was so helpful and got me to tech right away and also her communication was superb. Happy she is our rep in mission bay.
Cliff T.

GOOGLE| June 12, 2020

I am thoroughly impressed! Joey Gonzalez was an absolute gem in resolving my issue, he was very on top of it and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you Joey!!

Hannah A.

GOOGLE | June 11, 2020

Had an outage due to line being cut. Serena Gonzalez was terrific- worked to get me up and running so i could work at home without interruption. Techs were courteous, professional, and prompt. Thanks Serena & team for your outstanding efforts on behalf of your customer.

Eric H.

GOOGLE | June 11, 2020

Harry B was quite helpful with a problem I had been trying to solve with another customer service employee. He was so polite and took care of the problem immediately. This employee deserves an acknowledgement for his outstanding service.

Elizabeth B.

GOOGLE | June 11, 2020

Ella Morillo Account Manager goes out of her way to be helpful to the customer in every way. She made a terrible situation apiece of cake for me when I was selling my house, especially during this time of being in lockdown. Thank you Ella!!

Elaine P.

YELP| June 17, 2020

Marlena who is our account rep at our apartment complex, was extremely helpful! She reached out to me after 9pm to help get our internet fixed after a power outage. I had been trying all day and she was the only person to help me with my problem and so late at night which I really appreciate!

Alicia J.

YELP| June 15, 2020

About 3pm today the guys we have here doing some landscape irrigation work cut our fiber while hand-digging a trench near the house.  I called Hotwire customer support and told them what happened and she said she’d send a note over to dispatch and they’d then let her know what day/time they could come over to fix.  I was expecting 24 hour turn-around.  I also explained to the customer support rep that we have a work from home situation here, and having internet was really important.  I’d say by 7:00 or so this evening we had our local fiber tech guys roll up in our driveway to fix things – just a few hours after I reported the issue.  They were very nice and went about splicing our fiber back together.   

This was a hugely pleasant surprise.  The guys were great, the response time was great, and I have nothing but praise for them.  This was definitely OT for them – they start the day at 8am as I understand, and it was after 8pm that they left my house.  Please help me pass along a big thank you to Hotwire and let the appropriate management there know that our fiber tech guys are awesome.

Brian W.

EMAIL| June 13, 2020

I have to tell you that William Burke went out of his way to help me out. I was a supervisor for several years so I know what that position entails and the kind of employees you hope to have working for you…. you have an excellent employee and they are hard to find!!!

Susan M.

YELP| June 12, 2020

Frank was prompt, excellent and extremely informative. We would recommend him highly for any position in your organization. Thank you very much. 

Bernie S.

GOOGLE | June 10, 2020

I had Hotwire as the internet and cable provider for the community I just moved out of.  Let me tell you, they are amazing compared to what we have now.  I am so sad we don’t have Hotwire anymore since our current community uses Xfinity for cable.  

We are currently using AT&T for “fiber optics” internet and it is very poor quality compared to Hotwire even though we have the 1GB speed which is supposed to be a lot faster than the Hotwire internet we got for free before, but Hotwire is much better!  AT&T internet network is so slow even if you pick their fast speed package.  I thought the idea of a fiber optics network is that the speed isn’t affected by high usage around the community and that is what AT&T advertises.  Hmm…not reality…

It was June 2019 when we had Hotwire come out and I don’t remember the 2 guys that came to set it up but they were super helpful and friendly.  The cable and internet rarely went down.  There were a lot of HD channels available.

I did have cable go out once but it was because of the battery pack.  I had called them and they were able to come out the next day and fix it for free since the service was paid for by our community.  They had tracking available on the day of service and the agent called me to let me know he was coming in 15 mins.

When I had closed the account a couple of weeks ago in May 2020, they provided me with a UPS label so that I could mail back the cable box and remote back to them.

I am happy that I had a great experience with Hotwire even though I do see a bunch of less than stellar reviews.

Quan D.

YELP | June 6, 2020

Raymond Santiago came to my home to resolve several issues with my TV/Hotwire service. He was excellent in every way. Personable, professional, extremely patient, and polite.  Most of all he was highly knowledgeable and skilled, quickly solving all my TV problems with great expertise. Hotwire is lucky to have him in their employ!

Edward C.

YELP | June 4, 2020

Moved into a new condo that includes Hotwire Internet and television […] Ceasar personally Set up my installation and he was unbelievably responsive and stayed on top of everything making sure once the appointment was set reached out to me to keep me posted. He is a true professional. In addition the tech/installer’s name who is Barrington had a window of between 8 and 10 AM and texted me the evening before to let me know he would there at 8 AM and was extremely prompt, he did a beautiful installation was incredibly patient and professional and explained everything about the new service to me. So far so good!

Dave N.

YELP | June 3, 2020

Impecable el trato con Hotwire en especial con Cesar, muy buena atención y rapidez , excelentes profesionales!!!!

Alberto M.

GOOGLE | June 3, 2020

I rarely ever give reviews, but I have to acknowledge my account manager for Metropolitan in Wilton Manors. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are running smoothly and that our requests have been taken care of. I can always count on her to get the job done! I’m super impressed with her time management and just getting the job done every single time! Thank you for making our jobs easier!

Zelinnette A.

YELP | June 2, 2020

I have been with Hotwire for 3 years never had an issue. Moved into a new place and faced challenges to get the internet working but thanks to Nicklas Boscan and his team, it was resolved very fast. Nicklas handled things very professionally, worked late to solve my problem and he remained very nice even when I was pressuring him.

Mathieu B.

YELP | June 2, 2020

Chris from Hotwire arrived on time. Efficient and courteous- toolkits care of our connectivity issues. Mask, gloves and shoe coverings- very respectful

Jennifer M.

GOOGLE | June 2, 2020

Both Derek and Emmet Frank were absolutely First class in every way. Derek did the installation and Emmet educated us on operating the system, Derek installed five boxes very cleanly and efficiently . Emmet was so patient and made everything very easy to understand

Ralph S.

GOOGLE | June 1, 2020

A business is only as good as its employees and Hotwire has to of the best. Hillary Curry is the account rep for our condo. She is responsive and has excellent follow through. She will actually call the next day to insure that the issue was resolved. I have called her cell a number of times and not only does she resolve the issues she always demonstrates a positive attitude. Jerry is the technician that comes to our building. He is a super star. He was at my house for 9 hours this past week due to poor installation of the wires when the were originally put in. He was calm, patient, polite and really professional. I don’t know how he manages to be so positive from the time he came in to the time he finally said good bye. These two individuals demonstrate the best qualities of people that deal with the public. They could teach master classes in customer service.

Hotwire is lucky to have them

Marcia G.

YELP | June 5, 2020

Today, Hotwire Communications Account Manager Serena Gonzalvez solved a Valencia Shores landline problem of mine competently, quickly and pleasantly. That’s why I wrote her, “You are wonder. I wish I could bring all my other problems to you to solve so nicely.Thank you, Serena, for removing the stone in my shoe.”

Thanks again Serena!

Stephan D.

YELP | June 5, 2020

Deon Hayes worked deligently trying to solve a receiving in my home. He tried every possible method an even though he wasn’t succesful I could feel through his effort and frustration that he couldn’t solve the problem. Howire should be proud than Deon is part of your team and I recommend with his customer skills he should be considered either for supervisory role or to become a trainer for new hires in customer service.
Michael K.

FACEBOOK | June 05, 2020

I recently had converted from Comcast to Hotwire. I was a little apprehensive on what to expect from the proposal to the installation. I could not have been more wrong. My install team (Ernest and Josh) were absolutely outstanding! They spent time outlining what they were going to do, did it as outlined, spent time making sure every device worked as promised and cleaned up beyond what was expected. I am ecstatic with the service and value. Have had a number of installs done but Ernest and Josh were outstanding in service, quality and concern of my needs. I am not big on recommendations, but these two gentlemen were outstanding and deserve a shout out! BTW, I called got a proposal and had my install scheduled on the day of my choice within a few hours. My experience so far with Hotwire has been excellent (also, internet speeds are pretty awesome)!

Thomas G.

YELP | June 4, 2020

In the two instances when Raymond was sent to my house to repair/ameliorate an issue, he proved to be of enormous help. He is not merely professionally astute, but does so with a smile and a great sense that he knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and he reflects a great image for HOTWIRE.

Richard B.

YELP | June 4, 2020

I love Hotwire service. The service always works well and the amount of programs I can record is spectacular. You also get an immediate response if there’s ever a problem.  I like the new app. Kerline Kongal is a magnificent account manager and she’s not only a professional but always offers a great customer experience

Maria T.

GOOGLE | June 1, 2020

I wanted to touch base and update you about this past teaching quarter that we just finished last Thursday.

The extra speed made a huge positive difference!  I ended up making a total of 75 software training videos… and then I taught  5 classes, 2X a week for 9 weeks… and each one of those had to be recorded and then uploaded the following day….for a total of 180 classes (Most were 2.5 hours each)… and 75 tutorials… = 255 videos!  I feel like a TV star! lol!  (Just kidding).

But seriously never thought in my life I’d have to deal with some many videos. cameras, and data!  Having the the extra speed REALLY made a big difference in a really stressful situation. Thank you and Thank Hotwire!!  #FAN4LIFE

Professor Kirt W.


…I was directed to Sharon who brought in Jason and team and it was a wrap! Seriously if you have to escalate make sure you do. This is a company that cares. No company is perfect, but for someone that is in the business they more than came through in the end. Jason came into my house like a battlefield general and his team delivered. My advice is to anyone that is not satisfied with their install. PLEASE SPEAK UP and tell them what you want. Communication is key. Each house and job is very different. On top of that It was my daughters 16th birthday on the day of the install. Jason who has kids my age went out and grabbed my daughter a small Amazon gift card. It was a simple gesture, but went a long way. Thank you Jason and Sharon. I am very happy now.
Thank you Hotwire for making things right.

Dax W.


When I called Friday, Kerah Santiago was very helpful when making my appointment, emailed the confirmation, and apologized for the inconvenience. I called Tuesday prior to my appointment, the guy again very helpful, put notes on the system for the technician. Tech called to inform me he was on his way, and the fix took less than 5 minutes. I was told to call after the service call to get a credit for the five days of no service. That’s when I had the pleasure of speaking to Jo Jo, she’s the only one, outstanding service representative, attentive and human. You got the feeling that she likes her job, and likes helping people. Hotwire may not be the biggest company out there, but for the last five years they’ve been top notch… Keep up the good work.

Roger V.


I was very pleased today with the service provided by Harry at Hotwire. He was so helpful and capable and it was so nice to speak to someone in the U.S. I hate calling the other companies that patch you over to other countries where they read off a script and hard to understand. Also, I am happy that Hotwire employs people in the U.S. Thank you Harry and thank you Hotwire.

Michelle C.


I had a problem with my telephone service through Hotwire Communications. I called customer service and was able to contact our community customer service rep, Serena Gonzalez. I sent her an email and she responded immediately and corrected my telephone service problem.
Helen G.


Long story short we had some issues with our business account (our fault not Hotwire’s). Though everyone was very nice… drumroll… MARLENA! WOW!! She took it upon herself to guarantee every detail was covered so we were back running smoothly first thing Monday morning (this was a Saturday). She called back every time she said she would, kept me in the loop through all the twists and turns, and made what looked like an impossible, possible! Thank you Marlena for making our re-opening post-COVID-19 day not only a possibility, but smooth. We could not have done it without you (literally). **We are opening 2 more locations and looking to continue growing with Hotwire services because of how helpful she was.

Emily P.


Totally satisfied with order process, wiring, hook up and “educator” follow -up. Hope this level of service continues.

Marvin G.


As I am not electronically savvy, I have a true passion for my television. I was having a lot of problems with the connection for My Netflix and Amazon account. The other night it was storming when one of the techs, Adrian Tulloch shows up. He was like a gentle giant. This man stayed in my house until almost 915 at night resetting my router, my television sets, my security system, my cameras, everything. He was amazing as he knew he was dealing with someone who is totally inept technically. To date, he is hands-down the best Hotwire employee they have and he truly deserves a raise. This guy, is truly more than an hourly employee. His workmanship in my home truly showed his passion for what he does and he does it really well. The next day I had a follow up call from his supervisor Kerline Kongal. She was fabulous and understanding.
Thank you Hotwire for a job well done!



Rarely do I have a need or opportunity to review TV or internet or camera installations, but in this case I’ll let you all know that the services that were provided to me at my new home by Cedro Morales and his team of outstanding technicians is something that is noteworthy. The Hotwire team, led by Cedro, did an outstanding job in providing me all the technical services needed in this pandemic world. They were within budget, totally familiar with their equipment and it’s potential, on time and very meticulous in terms of the installation of their equipment. Cedro was always quick to answer questions and guide us through the learning process which was greatly appreciated. It’s been a few months since the installation was successfully completed and we remain very satisfied with the whole Hotwire team. 



Rudy Regis, a Hotwire technician, visited my home on 5/7/20 to install a eeros router. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and equipment knowledge. Rudy spent 1.5 hours installing the equipment, troubleshooting problems and connecting all my peripheral devices.  It was an absolute pleasure dealing
with him.



“Outstanding service provided by Emmet Frank, Fision Educator. He quickly addressed and resolved all issues and was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!!! Thank you again Emmet


“My family and community have had a fantastic experience with Hotwire for the past year and a half. Our service works well, is incredibly fast and reliable. The fiber optic is fantastic and our whole house is wireless, even our cable boxes, without speed or connection issues. When you compare Hotwire with other similar companies in the area like Comcast and AT&T, they surpass in many ways: technology, service, speed and picture quality. I’ve had Comcast and AT&T for TV and internet in the past. They were good and didn’t have any significant issues either but I would undoubtedly select Hotwire over these companies any day.”



I would like to compliment Cedro Morales for his excellent professional customer service skills during a trying time with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Cedro patiently listened to my concerns and he promised he would assign a Tech to come out to my home to see what the issue was. When the Tech arrived (Patrick) who did his check on the system my equipment and discovered it was not my equipment so he dug in deeper called in for higher support to run further tests and with-in the hour my system was up and running, not dropping and getting the speeds of my plan. The Tech Support Team ensured the whole community would not be experiencing the same issue and apparently they were, but not after the Tech Support Team visited my home no one in the community are experiencing any issues…My hat goes off to Cedro, the Hotwire Tech Support Team keep up the great work, you all have demonstrated what all good companies can do when they work as Team even in challenging times. Thank you!



“I have Hotwire television, internet and telephone service through my community. I had the faster service than what was offered through my HOA which I paid for. I was having issues with my internet service. I called our representative Mariano Gonzalez for help. He was able to troubleshoot my problem and have it corrected within 24 hours. I am very happy with the service
I received.



Hilary Cohen is our Account Manager for our community. She is a pleasure to work with and is always attentive to the questions and needs of our residents. She follows up immediately. Hilary is a wonderful asset to Hotwire and I highly recommend her and Hotwire as your service provider.”



“In dealing with Hotwire was somewhat difficult and I couldn’t get the answers I was looking for until Cedro Morales got involved. I was more than happy dealing with Cedro and he helped out perfectly and either solved issues or pointed me in the proper that were related to not HotWire issues. It was a pleasure dealing with him….”



“Crystal Jshomback does a tremendous job satisfying customer needs at Harbour Ridge. She does whatever it takes to get the job done.
Thanks Crystal.”



“With the help of Mariano Gonzalez and Anthony Daly, our internet was repaired within 16 hrs of reporting our internet outage. My family and I would like to commend Sean Flood, tech, for coming out during the COVID19 pandemic and got our internet back running which allowed my physician husband to continue practicing via telemedicine. Hopefully, we will not have any further internet issues in the future. Thanks for helping us at this difficult time.”



“My manager, Heidi Dalton and I spoke with Cody regarding my problems with my iPhone and my iPad and my internet problems. Cody showed total knowledge of my problem and patiently walked Heidi and me through the steps and solved my internet problems. I am most grateful for his knowledge and thoroughness regarding these issues.”



“It was a pleasure dealing with Shonda M. from Hotwire Communications. She was able to effectively solve my issue ,both efficiently and pleasantly. It’s always a relief to deal with competent people. Not only did she help me with my problem, she followed up to make sure everything was running smoothly. She has a great work ethic.”



“A friend was experiencing some technical issues and the kind folks at Hotwire went above and beyond our expectations to alleviate and remedy the situation with lightning speed. I can’t give more than 5 stars, but they are certainly a 10 in my book! A++++++”



I just have a conversation with Hotwire (Fision) Customer Service Agent(Manager) Fernando Perez. I gave him a Superior (5Star) rating Because he was able to answer all my concerns in a patiently and timely manner. A very attentive Agent, I will recommend him for future references.



“I have had Hotwire in my community for the past 2 years, I was not super excited when they first came in because let’s be honest who likes change. But after now having them for over 2 years and during this time of COVID-19 I can not thank my board enough for making this change. Having fiber in our neighborhood has allowed us to all work from home/kids going to school from home with NO INTERNET ISSUES! The customer service is exceptional, Hilary Cohen and Shannon have been such a pleasure to work with”



“Hotwire has been great. Much faster, more consistent and reliable service than Comcast. Very happy, satisfied customer.”



“This company is amazing. They have delivered everything they have promised. Adrian was our technician and he was fabulous. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Our service was up and working in no time. He was so courteous and took the time to explain everything. The surprise was a follow-up call from Cedric. He wanted to know if everything was ok and if our problem was solved. Wow what company does that?”



“I’ve used Hotwire at 3 of the new developments I’ve opened and had nothing but a great experience. This most recent new development I’m at now has been the best one yet. Thank you to Rafilee and Cesar in South Florida for being a part of one of the best experiences.”



“Cody Cunning was so kind, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for providing wonderful service. Stay safe and be well! Joy and Joe Glass”


“I have had the pleasure of working and meeting with Cheri Lowe on several occasions. I have paid attention to the change over because my office is in my home and I have major files going back and forth for my development business. Cheri was helpful in the beginning and later if I had issues I went straight to her. Also had a couple of TV issues and Cheri took the time to assist.
A class act!”



“We have had nothing but a great experience with Hotwire. Kerline who is our account executive is wonderful. The communication and customer service have been top notch. Kerline is very personable and gets everything resolved quickly.We appreciate all our Hotwire technicians as well. Many thanks to Hotwire and their team.”



“I typically don’t write reviews however Hotwire and their team have done an outstanding job.  Owning a management company in Jupiter, we have worked with Hotwire and specifically, Shannon, in changing cable, internet and phone services to Hotwire.  The transition went significantly smoother than expected and the communities, Boards and managers are happy.  This is thanks to the attention and responsiveness of Shannon and her entire team. I continue to work with them and would recommend them to any community considering a change.”



“We have had hot wire in our condominium for at least 4 years. They are 1000% better than our previous Cable Provider. Their service is outstanding and respond exceptionally quickly for repairs, usually having someone on property within 24 hours… I  was a member of our Association’s Board of Directors and was appointed to chair a ” telecommunications committee” in researching and recommending a provider for the 229 units within our building. We were highly selective and critical in our analysis regarding product and service. We made the best choice and have never regretted our board’s decision to select Hotwire Communications as the provider of choice.”


FISION CUSTOMER, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I would like to give a very positive review for Hotwire, especially our Account Manager, Hilary Cohen.  Hilary has been the most helpful and contentious account manager.  All of our dealings with her and Hotwire Customer Service has been outstanding.  I highly recommend Hilary, with her knowledge and abilities as well as her kind and helpful nature.  She is always there when called upon!  We appreciate all the hard work she has done for our site and we recommend Hilary highly.”



“Crystal is a 5 star service provider! She goes above and beyond to get our Members fully operational. She doesn’t let any obstacles get in her way.She does all of that and so much more… with a contagious smile! She has become an integral part of the Harbour Ridge community. She has been our Hotwire representative for 3 years and we look forward to having her on site for another 7!”



“I called customer service because my WiFi, Phone service, Internet and Television all stopped working. Spoke with Lashelle who was sooo nice and she tried to get things working again to no avail. Put in a ticket for the technician to come to my home. She elevated my problem, and Adrian and Owen came the same day, which was such a blessing because all my service was out! Talk about knowledge guys? They were the best!! There wasn’t anything they didn’t know! They got ALL my service up and running again in no time!! I give both guys A++ for their knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy!! Thank you all!!”



“I called Hotwire for help because my service had stopped working. How fortunate that the person who answered my call was Scott Goodman! Scott professionally diagnosed the problem and arranged for a technician to come and solve it. Within a short period of time the Hotwire tech arrived and restored my TV, Internet, and Phone Servlce. Scott Goodman, the quintessential professional, even called to check that all was OK.”



“Our community Broken Sound Club switched to Hotwire communications several years ago and we couldn’t be happier. Rob DeCastro at Hotwire is our initial point of contact with the company. He is friendly, personable and very conscientious. He was quick to respond to any concerns and answered all our questions. The company is also easy to deal with and reach by phone or email if you prefer. They even have a dedicated Hotwire office inside our community! “



“I had an interaction today with Rubi, a Hotwire representative for our community, who provided a great experience, and responded to my needs in the most professional, fast and cordial way possible.  He was a gentleman and a scholar! I am very satisfied with Hotwire Communications, the way they have trained their employees to take care of customers in a very personalized way.  Our community clearly made the right decision in opting for Hotwire for our digital communications needs. Thank you very much! “



“I truly enjoy working with Fernando Perez, Account Rep, and Freddy, Technician, in the Jupiter, FL area. They are a pleasure to work with and when I have an issue in our Community, they are always responsive and get results immediately – with no excuses. I hope they continue in their present capacities with Hotwire because if we had to work with anyone else, I believe their replacements could not fill their shoes. Keep up the great work, gentlemen!!”



“Our community has had Hotwire installed for almost 2 years now. During the construction and install phase there were minor issues, but we expected that for a community of 832 homes. Since then, Hotwire offerings and services has continued to improve and are now rock solid. I believe a major contributing factor to Hotwires’ success in our community has been through the unwavering support of our account manager Cheri Lowe-Hardy. Our residents have called Cheri at 7:00 am and as late as 8:45 pm seven days a week and she has answered the call. Her steady calm demeanor and customer services skills are second none.”



“Hotwire is great. Internet so fast, great picture quality. So glad I live in a community with Hotwire. Thank you Shannon for helping me get my service set up. You and your team are awesome. Thank you!!!”



“We have had a great experience with Hotwire Communications!  They provide our phones and internet for our office.  They also provide cable/internet to our residents in our rental community.  Good service.  Kerline is our account rep and she is AMAZING!  She is a service oriented professional that is always available for us. She goes above and beyond for us regularly.  The service techs are friendly, knowledgeable and timely. We have had good experiences with customer service and IT reps as well. We love Hotwire and would not hesitate to recommend the service to others!”


FISION CUSTOMER, Deerfield Beach, FL

“We have been users of Hotwire Communications services for more than seven years. During that time, we have had excellent reception on our tvs and the internet service has been continuously fast and good. Their customer service is always timely and if there are any problems, they are quickly resolved by Serena Gonzalez, our account manager. All in all, we are pleased with our plan.”



“Dear Hotwire, I can not say enough about how pleased I am with the great service Hotwire provides me. With the virus limiting people’s ability to travel, we are doing more and more of our work over the internet and we are doing it without seeing any degradation in service quality. Most of the time our work is just web access and emails, but there are usually a couple of zoom meetings each day, one day we even had three Zoom meetings running concurrently and your Hotwire network came through without a problem. While others on Zoom calls complain about sound and video freezing, we know the issues are at their side of the session because with Hotwire there never bandwidth problem on our side. Thanks Hotwire.”



“I never write reviews but I feel like Hotwire Communications deserves the upmost respect. My community experienced a power outage or a interruption in the service provided by Hotwire Communications last week. I called them on Saturday to explain my frustration and by Sunday morning they had two technicians come out one of which was a supervisor. During this unprecedented time with the coronavirus I have been especially nervous with people coming in my house. They made me feel really comfortable and told me that they change their gloves and masks every time they enter a persons house. I would like to give a special shout out to Jason. He was at my house for a little over two hours just to make sure my system was working properly and I was getting the speeds on the Internet that I was paying for.”



“We had a wonderful experience with Hotwire. Our internet service was sporadic, and when streaming shows, it would lose connection and stop. Fritz came by, looked at all of our connections (not just the TV connection), knew what to do, and solved the problem very quickly. His knowledge, kindness, and ability to get the problem resolved is fantastic! Serena Gonzalez, our community’s Hotwire representative, called shortly thereafter to see if the problem was resolved and if we were satisfied with the resolution. What a great team! Hotwire Communications is the best! Thanks so much!”



“Our Homeowner’s Association has Hotwire as our cable and internet provider. We changed a few years ago and we have saved money making this change. We do appreciate the exceptional customer service from our account representative Hilary Curry, and we appreciate all the customer service reps and especially cable technicians who show up on time, who provide real-time followup on arrival and who are gracious and helpful. During this health crisis, Hotwire has even provided additional free channels for a month, knowing that all of us are stuck at home. Thanks to Hotwire and thanks Hilary for your good work!”



“Our community have been using Hotwire for cable, phone, and internet for the past 4 years. I have been extremely happy with the service, and I can count on one hand the number of issues we had. At time they will schedule you few days ahead but I always get a call before and a tech come to resolve the issues. In these Corona days Hotwire added Showtime and other 18 premium channels at no extra cost, my family and I get great deal of use out of it. Recently I had some billing issues that were not resolved in a timely manner. I approached my community rep Kerline Kongal and within a matter of a couple of hours the issue was resolved (Thank you so much, Kerline). They are here to help you and doing it willingly, do not hesitate to call on them in need. Kudos to Hotwire, please continue the great job”



“Hilary Cohen has been an outstanding account representative for the residents of Old Marsh Golf Club. She quickly handles requests, helps solve problems, and will find answers to any question that staff or homeowners may have. Hilary is proactive with information that may be of use to the community and is always gracious and professional in all situations. To have someone you can actually speak to, or who will answer an email right away, is a rare treat in business these days. Hotwire is to be commended for providing this above-and-beyond service to their customers.”



“We have had a great experience with Hotwire Communications! They provide our phones and internet for our office. They also provide cable/internet to our residents in our rental community. Good service. Kerline is our account rep and she is AMAZING! She is a service oriented professional that is always available for us. She goes above and beyond for us regularly. The service techs are friendly, knowledgeable and timely. We have had good experiences with customer service and IT reps as well. We love Hotwire and would not hesitate to recommend the service to others!”



Hotwire is NOT just another typical ISP (Internet Service Provider). They actually care about and listen to their customers!

I have lived in the Savannah, GA area for about 20 years now. I have used AT&T and Comcast (now called Xfinity) as my ISP and with both companies, the service itself was poor and the customer service was terrible.  In 2007 my family and I moved to the Rice Hope community and one of the reasons we chose it, was because it was one of the first communities in this part of the country to have fiber optics going to each house. I had never heard of Hotwire Communications, but we had to use them for our landline telephone, TV, and internet as a “bundled” service. The service was pretty good!  It was fairly priced and more stable than other similar services.  After a few years though, as more people moved into the neighborhood, people wanted to not have to bundle everything. Some people did not need a landline, some people didn’t want to have TV, and some didn’t want or need internet service. Hotwire listened!  The broke up the bundles and offered several different low, mid, and high-level packages and let the customers choose what they wanted. Shortly after that, Hotwire Communications made a major investment in our community and upgraded much of the hardware, software, and infrastructure for our fiber optic network. The giant clunky boxes in our homes were replaced with much smaller and faster devices to help us better connect to the internet.  I was, and still am, shocked that for the same price I had been paying for years, my internet speed more than doubled!   Once these new infrastructure upgrades took place, the service itself has been much better, faster, and more stable than I have ever experienced.

But recently, with the “shelter in place” rules that have been imposed on much of the country due to the Corona virus outbreak, I had to start teaching from home. I work at the world’s largest art school and my department had zero online courses. Within two weeks, we had to transition all of our classes to an online format and I had to start teaching “live” classes (via video) over the internet. Not only are my students now scattered all over the United States, I have students this quarter in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Bahrain.  It is amazing that I am able to stream HD 1080p video across the world to my students with no problems due to my reliable internet service with Hotwire Communications.  I recently expressed some of my technical concerns about streaming so much data with my students across the world and Hotwire Communications listened and graciously volunteered to upgrade my internet service for free until this quarter is over with my students at the end of May. Not only with this aid in my live-streaming of my classes, this is going to allow me to do the post-processing my videos faster (I have to record all of my classes that are streamed and the repost them for students who may not have attended the live sessions.) and so I am constantly uploading and downloading up to 2.7 Gigabyte videos of my lectures. Meanwhile, my son, who is also a student at my college is also having to attend a video-streamed class at the same time I am having to teach a class online! Fortunately, with the help of Hotwire Communications, we will now be able to easily do that with no concerns.

One of the reasons we moved to the Rice Hope community was because of their internet offerings and the thought of moving elsewhere definitely factored into our decision not to move several times. The world is in crisis and it is so refreshing to know that a company like Hotwire Communications is not just in it for a buck. They actually listen to their customer’s needs and treat them like family!  Their tech support is amazing, their customer service is outstanding, and I simply cannot praise them enough. I thank Hotwire Communications for being so gracious and understanding of my teaching needs in this difficult time. Myself, and especially my students, THANK YOU for being so awesome of a partner during these tough times!

Professor K. Witte


“Hotwire is number 1 as far as I am concerned. I am the HOA president of my community and can’t get over how helpful they all are. A special shout out goes to Fernando Perez my hero who responds immediately to my email and calls and texts. He even responds on weekends. Bravo Hotwire for having employees like Fernando.”



“Just wanted to let you know that I have had an excellent experience with Ms. Marlene Collazo, Account Manager for our Trump Hollywood. We were upgrading our Sky Unit 3402’s six TV cable boxes as well router for 250 mb WiFi. Hotwire service team was helpful for cable box upgrade but for five trips it seemed we were not getting anywhere with the higher WiFi speed.

Hotwire got me into touch with Ms. Marlene who really stepped up to the plate and helped resolve the WiFi issue for us. She was very polite, helpful and truly professional, I really appreciated that. It was evident she knew the layout of our tower well. She explained what router(s) we needed, how many, and location where they needed to be placed. We are good now!”


FISION CUSTOMER, Trump Hollywood

“Cody had been amazing as our Account Manager on top of the fabulous service Hotwire provides our community. As a Community Association Manager of over 20 years in the biz this has been a true pleasure in working with this vendor from building out our new fiber optic network to the handling of issues once it was operational. Could not do it without Cody and his can do attitude to make sure our residents get only great service.”



“Fabulous service. Adrian was our technician and he was so wonderful. He was professional and his knowledge made us feel confident that he could fix our problem…and he did. He also explained our issues so we could understand. The surprise was a follow-up call from Cedric to see if we were ok and if they could do anything else for us. He was truly concerned about our service. At a time like this it is appreciated. So glad Hotwire is our company.”



“I will always be grateful to Serena Gonzales, our communities Hotwire Communications Representative, and to Hotwire Communications for quickly and professionally rectifying a service issue enabling my internet, phone, and television service to be restored during a time of National Emergency due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. At a time of uncertainty is very encouraging to find competent, professional people and companies that stand up and meet the challenges we face. I will always be grateful to Hotwire Communications and Serena Gonzales for making our work at home, shelter in place situation, workable.”



“I just moved to Miami from San Diego. I spent hours calling competition, thinking I could get a better deal. […] was ready to set me up, after they hit on my credit! But they don’t service the building and didn’t even know it! My service man was so professional, neat, clean, respectful, clear in explaining, and even set up my headphones, which would have taken me hours! Also, in speaking with the reps on the phone, they too were respectful and professional. Happy to be on board!”



“I was helped by Jade in customer service. My TV was not working, all of a sudden no picture, and together we were able to figure out how to fix things. Great service over the phone. Doesn’t always happen.”



“Our community (Cascade Lakes) had a mini blackout late this morning, and the internet, phones, and TV went off. I tried rebooting, but nothing worked. I found our customer rep’s number (Serena Gonzalez) and called. She picked up immediately, was able to diagnose the problem in no time, corrected the situation, and all is well in the Spooner household. Many thanks for your prompt professionalism.”



“Beautiful what Hotwire does for the communities that they serve! Let alone the internet speeds that they deliver in this of increased usage. Hotwire has the bandwidth you need to run a whole family at home, running multiple devises. If your community is still in the Stone Age, get with your HOA and make a change.”



“I would like to give a special thank you and commendation to your technician Ramon who took great interest in helping and solving this problem that actually was an emergency for my wife; also my thanks to the Fort Lauderdale manager that contacted me this morning and promptly solved a final glitch. I should add that Ramon have been following to make sure all is working well. Again thanks to all.”



“I want to commend Hotwire on the great service and job your people are delivering here at the Gables Marquis Condominiums. From the Account Manager to Service Techs, Hotwire has demonstrated excellent responsibility for the quality of services at our property.”


PROPERTY MANAGER, Gables Marquis Condominiums

“Your onsite team is doing a fantastic job. All of the 16+ techs are working together in perfect synchronization, doing a great professional installation job in all of the units and most of all act extremely professional around my residents and staff. “


MANAGER, Beach Club of Hallendale

“I have been especially impressed with the continued help and support from our Hotwire team following completion of the project. It’s been a full eight months since Hotwire “left the building”, but our team leaders have consistently reached out to us to assure our satisfaction.”


GENERAL MANAGER, Broken Sound Master Association

“Huge kudos to Michael for getting our Wi-Fi up and running. My wife is a nurse and depends on our service a great deal. Michael made a very timely call today after it was determined that our service could not be restored remotely. He was extremely thorough in his efforts and everything is working great again.
Thanks for a job well done!”

Bernice & Dan

Resident, Buttomwood West

” Yesterday I had an additional box installed. Our schedule is very hectic, and we had to be present. My compliments to your handling of this installation. Special thanks to the installer, Rohan Spaulding, who went out of his way to accommodate our schedule, and did an amazing job in installing the box considering some of the challenges in our home. He was very very good and extremely professional. Chuck

Resident, West Palm Beach

” We appreciate the service call today in our home. We cannot thank all of you enough. Derek Wright came to our home this afternoon made quite a few corrections. He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He was also anxious to answer our questions about our service which will DEFINITELY help us so much on a day to day basis. This is extremely helpful.
Our television viewing is much more user-friendly this evening.

Barbara S

Resident, Boca West Country Club

Just wanted to send a very satisfactory review for Maureldy Perdomo today. He did a wonderful job adding equipment and fixing a fax line problem I’ve been experiencing for a while now. He also checked the health of our internet system and was able to spend time right away to answer several questions I had.

I am very happy with his time, knowledge and service today….he did outstanding work for us. Thank you so much Maureldy!!”


Ryan R

Resident, Santurnia Lakes

“Thank you Hotwire….we are thrilled!
Came home from summer vacation today, to find that our TVs, phones, and internet, were not working. Called your office at 4 pm (on a Saturday), and was promised that a technician would be to us within 2 hours.
Derek arrived and the rest is history! Not only was he personable, and knowledgeable…he also promised he would not leave until everything was working perfectly. And that is exactly what happened. And all with a smile!
We are so impressed. Please extend another Thank You to Derek….and congratulations to you, for having such a terrific employee.

Susan & Ken

Resident, Four Seasons Parkland

I just wanted to share with you how invaluable your technician Claudio has been to me. I have Macular Degeneration and therefore have a very difficult time with anything mechanical. Claudio is always responsive with a smile, even after hours. I am writing today because my daughter is here and can type for me. I wanted to see photos of my family from her computer on my large screen and he once again helped me immediately with such a warm and generous attitude. He is very special and I am very appreciative.

Sincerely,” Miriam M

Resident, Sinai Residences

“We recently had our cable changed to Hotwire from Comcast. It was quite an ordeal because there was so much wiring to be done and televisions so far from the source. Very frustrating and time-consuming with days of having technicians who had limited and poor results. Then Ernesto came by. He is amazing! Even though we had been told we could no longer have reception on all our televisions (including the one we watch most frequently), he figured out a way. He was determined to make everything right and was not about to give up. Not only did he have determination and great technical expertise, he was unfailingly cheerful and friendly. It was a pleasure to have him in our home. Ernesto is a great ambassador for Hotwire.”

Susan N

Resident, Quail Creek Village

“I would recommend Hotwire and your dedicated team members to any community looking for a system to carry them into the future. I look forward to working with you again very soon and wish you nothing but success with your company.”



“Too often, too many people write too many letters complaining about too many incidental issues. I, in turn, prefer to write letters telling how my interaction with your people came out a real winner. Arriving in Boca for the first time this season; I attempted to test Hotwire and my TVs. They (all of them) did not function. I placed a call to Hotwire and I was connected to Samuel Smalls –  a most pleasant sounding person who seemed to know how to talk to a dissatisfied subscriber. He walked me thru everything and my TVs are operating properly. The best part is the way he handled the situation. I have one set that does not have a box and he set up an appointment for a service tech to come to my home. On a scale of 1 to 10, he was at least a 13.
This morning the doorbell chimed and a Hotwire tech was at the door. I explained the problem and with patience and knowledge, he explained the situation. He, as was Samuel, was courteous, helpful and most willing – his name is Derek Wright.
Thank you for two outstanding people from Hotwire.” Alan M

Resident, Boca West

“I hope that you know what an outstanding technician you have in Derek Wright. He has been in my home on two occasions for help with my Hotwire installation. Each time he has really impressed me with his knowledge and unusual ability to explain to my wife and I how to use your new service.

He has taught us how to use our computers and TV more effectively and efficiently. He is patient, is a good listener, answers any questions clearly, does not rush you so he can run off to his next job, makes absolutely sure that you understand his explanations before moving on to another question or issue, and is thorough. And, by the way, he is also most courteous and has a disarming demeanor.

Derek is everything that an employer would want in someone representing a company in the field. You would be well advised to consider him whenever you see a need to apply high-level technical and interpersonal skills.

Cordially,” Dr. Saxton

Resident, Boca West

“We recently had a home call for problems with our cable service. We wanted to express our extreme satisfaction with the Hotwire technician that came to our home Rohan Spaulding. He came prepared with all equipment needed and was able to correct the streaming problem we were having in our home. He showed knowledge of product and equipment put us at ease with his professionalism and patience explaining what was going on and how he could correct the flow of signal from box to box. Rohan will excel in any position he aspires too because of his desire to do any job complete and correct.

Sincerely” Dr. Turetsky

Resident, Miami Beach

“Rohan Spaulding arrived at my home and was friendly and very enthusiastic. He acted like my cable problem was very important and he was going to get it fixed. He was presented with several challenges to get to the finish line. He persevered and got all our televisions back to working order as well as the phone. My husband had a big smile on his face when he said good-bye to Rohan because he would be able to watch the Yankee game tonight!

Sincerely” Sally & Robert K

Resident, Woodfield Country Club

“I am writing this letter regarding Adam Lender, one of your Hotwire employees. He is one of the most impressive young men I have ever encountered, not only because he is so very knowledgeable about your products and how to navigate through all issues presented to him, but also because of his wonderful and caring personality. His display of patience, especially to me, as a senior citizen in need of much technical training, is beyond perfect. He made me feel that I was indeed, capable of learning how to deal with my television and accompanying products and programs.

I was introduced to Mr. Lender through a neighbor who works for your company. I had a technical issue and needed assistance. My neighbor connected me to Mr. Lender who went out of his way to solve my complicated technical issues.

And, most recently, I again had to contact Mr. Lender to assist me with my inability to tune into Netflix and Amazon. Since he was unable to help me in person, he suggested that we navigate through this issue using FaceTime. And it worked!

I cannot give enough accolades to Mr. Lender. He is a great asset to your company and I am certain that he will go far in his career. Such a hardworking, knowledgeable and personable gentleman is hard to come by. Thank you for hiring him.” Helene K

Resident, Valencia Shores

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