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A planned suburban city in Miami-Dade County located only 12 miles north of Miami and 12 miles south of Fort Lauderdale, Aventura is an ideally positioned hub of activity fittingly named after the Spanish word for “adventure.” From world-renowned retail opportunities like the Aventura Mall, state-ranked charter schools, numerous prestigious medical institutions, exciting nightlife opportunities, and job growth projected to exceed the national average over the next 10 years, Aventura marries the bustle of a big city with the quiet serenity of the suburbs, truly offering something for everyone.

    City of Aventura - Hotwire Communications

    SQ Miles


    Privately-Owned Businesses



    Ubiquitous bandwidth to support police, fire department, and traffic management


    Network supports City Hall, education system, and public access Wi-Fi


    Dark fiber deployment to ensure Smart City scalability


    As a rapidly growing, highly-diverse city, Aventura required a fully operational Lit fiber network infrastructure in order to support city-owned locations such as City Hall and the education system, as well as citywide initiatives including reliable, high-speed public-access Wi-Fi and Smart City functionality, with enough dark fiber deployed to enable future scalability.


    Hotwire Communications worked closely with the City of Aventura in order to design, build, and activate a citywide fiber-optic network, spending a considerable amount of time taking into consideration the unique topographical features of Aventura, as well as the City’s forward-thinking plans for Smart City initiatives.

    The result was a seamlessly integrated network capable of delivering ubiquitous bandwidth to support the City’s public services, including extending policing efforts through remote cameras in key areas and providing public Wi-Fi capable of sustaining multiple devices and covering large crowds for community events. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hotwire Communications was able to extend additional bandwidth to support a hybrid of emergency operations, including remote COVID testing sites.

    With redundant dark fiber installed throughout the City, Hotwire Communications is prepared to handle Aventura’s ambitious plans to implement Smart City solutions in the years to come, completely revolutionizing the way the City engages with its community through additional support for police efforts, fire response, and active traffic management, preparing Aventura for tomorrow by turning it into a true city of the future.

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