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As one of the most prominent cities in the Miami metropolitan area, the City of Plantation covers 21.93 sq. miles of central Broward County and is home to over 94,000 residents. Featuring prestigious centers of education such as the South Florida Campus of the University of Phoenix and American Heritage School, one of the top college preparatory schools in the nation, in addition to several golf and country clubs, and over 13,000 privately-owned businesses.

    City of Miami Beach

    SQ Miles


    Privately-Owned Businesses



    Fully operational Dark Fiber underground network


    Ring configuration connection 27 locations


    10 Gigabit backbone with 1 Gigabit connections at each location


    Scalability for Smart City applications, including smart lighting, traffic sensors, and public access Wi-Fi


    A growing and diverse city, Plantation required a fully operational Dark and Lit Fiber underground ring network supporting the City’s core services to be built within 6 months. The network needed to consist of 27 sites owned by the City, one of which was already operational, with some sites requiring dual laterals whereas others only needed a single lateral, and connected in a ring configuration. The network design must adhere to all City, County, and State regulations concerning underground utilities, and policies and procedures would need to be implemented in order to ensure there was no disruption of business or breach of sensitive data. Hotwire Communications would supply, install, and operate all necessary equipment to deliver services to the 27 locations, and continue to operate and maintain services after the successful completion of the project.


    Hotwire Communications worked closely with the City of Plantation during all phases of the project to design and implement a network infrastructure which would address the specified needs of the City while also allowing for future needs to be met, including scalability for Smart City applications, such as energy-saving smart lighting, traffic sensors to better manage vehicular and foot traffic, and public access Wi-Fi. A considerable amount of time and effort was dedicated towards meeting with City leadership in order to ensure the design matched their vision for the network and determine which approach best allowed for a seamless deployment.

    It was also necessary to address numerous environmental and unforeseen circumstances, including inclement weather conditions, a significant amount of coral that was discovered during trenching and boring, and regulatory restrictions pertaining to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which required precise coordination of efforts in order to complete all construction work within the agreed upon timetable.

    By collaborating with other vendors, Hotwire Communications was able to successfully deploy a dark and lit fiber network with a 10 Gigabit backbone with 1 Gigabit connections at each of the 27 locations. The City’s personnel were trained in the proper operation and management of the network, which was then turned over to the sole proprietary ownership of the City.

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