As we continue our growth to an omnipresent network technology, online shopping has become more prevalent than ever before. But it’s not just Millennials and Generation Z’ers who are leading the shift to online retail environments. A constantly growing number of Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers are also turning their attention to online-only shopping experiences. Those 65 and older are embracing online shopping as a necessary tool, ordering groceries and daily essentials online at a 49% increase from a year earlier, and many retailers are scrambling to keep up with the demand. More business owners and property managers are redirecting their focus to an online footprint in recognition of this shift. 

Advertising tools have advanced in this effort as well. By engaging with Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers on the sites they visit and during the shows they watch, business owners can take advantage of a new, targeted approach to direct their brands to their intended audience, and not waste efforts or resources on a blanket or unnecessary advertising spending. Our company can now offer any brand the tools they need to reach this newly accessible generation of digital shoppers with our first-part data, as they continue to adopt and explore a vastly expanding online realm. Learn more about our Multi-Media Advertising Solutions to see how you can reach your ideal audience with disposable income. 

Retail Marketers: Top Shopping Behaviors for Gen X and Boomers