The pandemic and resulting economic impact have drastically impacted how businesses are being run and how marketers are approaching a more distributed, remote workforce. Not only have businesses had to pivot their advertising solutions approach, but as technology advances before our eyes, how we allocate our time seems to have synched with it. Combine this with the increase and shift of consumer online behavior, and we have a pretty good opportunity to achieve a device-agnostic approach and build successful omnichannel marketing in the new digital age. 

What does this all mean for companies involved in providing or hoping to provide services to this type of consumer market? It means there is no time to waste, businesses need to throw themselves into mobile marketing to make themselves easily accessible to consumers on the go and reach them through multiple devices, however they consume content.   

Combined with our first-party data and our technology, we’re able to take a device-agnostic approach to reach our consumers however and whenever they’re consuming content (including through our Fision TV). If you’re a brand looking to maximize your marketing ROI – then you should consider using our Fision Multi-media Advertising Solutions – plus, we give you access to reach Florida’s highly-desirable, engaged and affluent residents.