Revolutionize the Guest Experience at Your Hotel

With the customized solutions available through our Fision® Stay line, all the comforts of in-home entertainment travel with you to your hotel room. Fision® Stay offers guests complimentary Wi-Fi access to fiber-to-the-room services, including the ability to use Replay TV, check hotel resources, and notify guest service teams with any customer needs. All with the click of a remote on the in-room TV, delivered to you by our state-of-the-art network infrastructure and high-powered telecom services.

Fision® EchoCast

With EchoCast, guests can use their personal devices to cast content from their mobile devices directly onto the in-room television as soon as they log onto their hotel’s Wi-Fi – no additional third-party application needed. With thousands of supported apps available, there is endless entertainment for everyone. Guests can cast their favorite TV shows, movies, music, live sports – and even play games.

Fision® Internet

Our fiber optic-based Internet service provides guests with the unparalleled service speeds and reliability they expect at home while traveling, all on a high capacity network designed to service multiple users and devices at once, with over 100 Mbps speeds delivered to each room.

Fision® Echo

Echo offers guests the same entertainment features they enjoy at home in addition to advanced hospitality features. Guests can quickly order room service, search for programming with instant channel change, Replay TV their favorite programs, or check out from their room. The admin portal allows for complete control over set-top-box performance and real-time user interface changes with customizable hotel resources.

Fision® Voice & PBX

We provide a managed IP PBX solution utilizing a rich feature set with call accounting features, adjustable rate tables and full PMS integration. Features include integrated wake-up calls set by staff, phone line activation upon check-in and deactivation upon check-out, and built-in room status for housekeeping.

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